How Many Grapes Make a Bottle of Wine?

A bottle of wine generally requires at least 500 to 600 grapes. There are 75 to 100 grapes, or about one full cluster, per glass. Less than 500 gallons (1,892 liters) of wine are produced per acre of grape vines.

More Lush Facts:

  • There are about 120 Calories in a glass of wine. White wine has slightly fewer calories than red, but not enough to effect a choice based on Calorie content.

  • Wine has healthy benefits, such as antioxidants, and red wine contains resveratrol, which may help reduce cholesterol, prevent blood clots and help prevent blood vessel damage.

  • The oldest wine pips — the seeds used in wine making — were found by scientists in the Macedonia region of Greece, dating back to 5000 and 4500 B.C.

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More Info: Times Online; Mayo Clinic

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