How Many Cell Phones are There in Russia?

There are more than 200 million cell phones in use in Russia, which has a population of less than 150 million. The largest countries that have more cell phones in use than people are Brazil, Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy. The United States has slightly more people than cell phones.

More mobile phone statistics:

  • The country with the most mobile phones is China, which has more than 800 million cell phones in use. That's almost four times as many as the U.S., but only slightly more than half of all Chinese people have a cell phone.

  • There are thought to be about 5 billion cell phones in use in the world. If you calculated it as one cell phone per person, then almost 70 percent of people in the world would have a cell phone.

  • The country with the most cell phones per capita is Montenegro, where each person has an average of more than two cell phones.

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