How Many Cars Are Stolen during the Holidays?

In the US, over 22,000 cars were stolen over the fall and winter holidays, according to 2009 National Crime Information Center (NCIC) statistics. New Year's Day had the most thefts with 2,760 cars stolen in 2009. Christmas Day had the least number of thefts with 1,336 cars stolen that year. To keep vehicles from being stolen, it is recommended that owners keep items like shopping bags out of sight, and not leave a running car unattended.

More about car thefts:

  • In 2013, nine of the Top 10 US Metropolitan Areas for motor vehicle thefts were in California. Cities included Bakersfield, Fresno, Yuba City, and others.
  • The most frequently stolen passenger vehicle was the Honda Accord followed by the Honda Civic according to 2013 Insurance Information Institute statistics,.
  • Between 2003 and 2012, motor vehicle thefts has steadily decreased each year in the US with over 1 million vehicles stolen in 2003 and over 700,000 stolen in 2012.

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