How is Playstation 3 Different from the Previous Models?

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The Playstation 3 or PS3 is the third model to come out from Sony's famous video game base. It came into the market on November 2006 in the US and March 2007 in Europe, but it had already been presented in trade shows in Tokyo, Japan about a year before that.

One of the main advantages of the Playstation 3 is the presence of a Blu-ray Disc, with a storage capacity of almost 60GB. This means it is capable of reproducing high-quality video in the form of DVDs, CDs, BD-ROM, and SACD. If you want to purchase a Blu-ray Disc player alone, it will set you back almost $1,000 US Dollars (USD), or you can pay $600 USD and buy it integrated into the Playstation.

Games are a second reason Playstation 3 is extremely popular. PS1 games didn't play in PS2 but all games from PS2 can be used without problems in the PS3. Add to that a new generation of games designed exclusively with the high-tech player in mind, and this version has some serious advantages over other gaming platforms. The advantages, however, come at a price. PS3 games cost an average of $60 USD. Add to that the high price of the Playstation in the first place ($500-600 USD), and gaming just got really expensive. When Playstation 3 came out, only 15 games were available, many of which sold out after less than a week.


Not only does PS3 allow for web browsing, it even comes with USB ports to plug in a mouse and keyboard, and it can be connected to any TV to become an instant monitor-ready computer. It also comes with the Sixaxis Wireless Controller, the first on a Sony Playstation. Wireless controllers allow players to get involved in motion-sensitive games such as the upcoming Warhawk, where players will be able to fly an airplane by imitating pilot's movements with the controller rather than by pressing buttons. Online games will also be a feature for Playstation 3, with many options for gamers to battle each other virtually.


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ps1 games can be played on ps2!!!

Post 1

This article is factually incorrect, at least for the European Playstation consoles. I do not recall any region where PS1 games did not play on the PS2 - certainly the European PS2 plays PS1 games fine.

The European PS3 does NOT play all PS2 games. The hardware emulation from the US and Japanese consoles was removed for the European launch (to the great anger and disappointment of European gamers already paying a much higher price for the console than other regions). It has been replaced with software emulation.

There is apparently a growing number of PS2 games that are becoming compatible with the PS3, but it is advisable to check Sony's website before assuming any PS2 titles will play

on the PS3. This is one issue that is deemed to have contributed to the generally lackluster sales of the PS3 against Microsoft's XBOX 360 and Nintendo's Wii.

Moderator's reply: Thanks for your contribution! Your experiences are clearly broader than our research!

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