How Important Is Job Networking?

Also known as career networking, job networking is one of the major methods used to find new jobs. Information provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that about 70 percent of all jobs in the U.S. are found as a result of networking. The process of networking requires more than simply asking social and business contacts for job leads. Typically, job networking calls for attending networking events that match employers with prospective employees, participating in community events that help cultivate the right job contacts and using various means to introduce the job candidate to people who make hiring decisions.

More facts about job networking:

  • Thirty percent of Americans find jobs by researching prospective employers, then proactively introducing themselves to employers directly, without waiting for the chance to respond to job advertising.

  • Job networking is not just about finding a better job with a new employer. Proper networking also can help employees make contacts that lead to promotions within the structure of the current employer.

  • Networking makes it possible for individuals to become aware of 75 percent to 95 percent of job openings that are not advertised using classified ads or various types of online advertising.

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Many people find their jobs by networking and many Americans find their job by researching prospective employers and job networking is not just to find a better job.

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