How Fast Is Japan’s Population Declining?

Japan’s population is projected to decline by one-third by 2060. As of 2012, Japan’s population was about 127 million, and the country had one of the lowest birth rates in the world. This population decline is thought to be the result of the country’s under-40 population rapidly becoming less interested in marriage or even sex. Cultural norms in Japan typically call for men to be breadwinners and women to be housewives, but many younger Japanese people say they are not interested in fulfilling these roles and that relationships might take more effort than they are worth.

More about Japan’s population:

  • In 2011, about 60% of single men and half of single women in Japan reported not being in any type of romantic relationship.

  • More adult incontinency pants were sold in Japan in 2012 than baby diapers, which likely is a sign of the elderly population growth in comparison with births.

  • Experts project that 40% of Japanese women in their early 20s will never have children.

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The present generation is the children of those who suffered the ill effects of bombing in the Second World War and their disinterest in sex can be one of the main reasons because of the bombing.

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I strongly believe here in the USA this population decline went into effect during the late 1990s, after the baby boomers. The increase in divorce and single mothers was talked about on most TV shows. Now it's the same in Japan. Selfish.

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No urge for sex is something against nature. It is understood that the sexual urge and intimacy with the opposite sex are natural calls and thus the process of continuity goes on. The report of the Japanese decline of population due to the absence of sexual urges is puzzling.

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