How Effective Is Saw Palmetto for Hair Regrowth?

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Using saw palmetto for hair regrowth can be slightly to moderately effective, but the herb is usually not very effective if used alone. Although saw palmetto is widely used as an alternative natural treatment to prevent hair loss, it is not typically lauded for stimulating hair follicles or engendering regrowth. Many people who have used saw palmetto for hair regrowth reported that hair loss dissipates after four to eight weeks of using the herb, but new hair does not appear as a result of it. Some moderate growth of hair has been possible for people who use saw palmetto for hair regrowth in conjunction with other hair boosting botanicals or supplements, however.

Few scientific studies have confirmed that saw palmetto will result in an extended or renewed growth cycle for hair. Research, however, does support theories that saw palmetto can block and slow baldness. Most evidence in support of saw palmetto for hair regrowth is anecdotal and from lay people experimenting with alternative treatments for alopecia and other forms of baldness or hair loss. These users claim to see a definite increase in the rate of hair growth, usually after three months of use.


The reason saw palmetto has proven effective in preventing or delaying baldness is because the herb can successfully thwart the effects the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is responsible for male-patterned alopecia. DHT is an androgen that reduces the size of hair follicles, choking off new hair growth and causing hair to fall out. This condition generally afflicts men who are age 30 and above; women with high levels of testosterone due to menopause or hormonal abnormalities can also be affected. Studies have shown that using saw palmetto daily can lower the amounts of DHT being produced and absorbed by follicles on the scalp.

Usually ingested, saw palmetto is not applied directly to the scalp in order to reap hair benefits. The standard daily amount for effectiveness in arresting DHT-linked hair loss is 320 mg of the extract or 160 mg of saw palmetto powder. Those using the crushed or dried fruit of the plant typically take an eighth of a teaspoon (about 0.61 ml) daily. Men who testify that their hair has grown from using saw palmetto for regrowth have typically used it daily, with roughly 100 mg of beta-sitosterol. This combination, according to at least one study, can boost hair growth up to 60 percent.

High in beta-carotene, saw palmetto comes from the fruit of the saw palmetto shrub. Ancient peoples for centuries used the fruit of this plant for prostate troubles before appropriating it for hair care. Other issues treatable with saw palmetto include bronchitis, migraines, and faulty sex drive.


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Post 4

I am a 43 year old man and like most men, I also suffer from Alopecia Androgenic or simply put, hair loss due to either too much hormones or genetics. Either way, I have been taking it at a 320mg a day for a month or so. I have noticed a decrease in loss of hair, about 70 percent less than before. I actually used to massage my hair and shake it on a sink base and count (roughly) the amount of hair lost. I did it before testing saw palmetto and now. It has definitely reduced hair loss. My libido had a increase for the first two weeks, but went back to normal levels after that up until now, so no dramas there.

I also notice my hair has now better quality and shine. I would definitely recommend saw palmetto for those who prefer botanic or natural methods. It works.

Post 3

Saw palmetto reduces hair loss and improves hair quality but it has to be a quality supplement. The dose is also important. I take 320mg twice a day of organic saw palmetto and my hair loss has stopped. I agree that it doesn't cause regrowth though.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- Is your hyperthyroidism being treated? If so, that might be why you are experiencing hair regrowth.

I have heard many people say that saw palmetto reduces hair loss, but very few people mention hair regrowth. I have used saw palmetto extract supplements as well and unfortunately, they did nothing for me. My hair loss did not decrease and I did not get new hair.

The only thing saw palmetto ever did was kill my libido.

Post 1

I can't say for sure but I think saw palmetto is helping my hair regrow.

I had been losing a lot of hair for the past few months because of hyperthyroidism, so I started taking saw palmetto. My hair loss decreased every week and it's at a normal rate now. But I've also noticed some fuzz around my temples, so I think the hair I lost is growing back!

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