How Effective Is Papaya for Cancer?

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Using papaya for cancer prevention and treatment has been shown to be effective in slowing tumor growth and killing adverse cell structure. When the fruit is consumed regularly as an extract or in its pure form, its antioxidant properties are able to adequately treat most types of cancerous cells, including breast and lung cancer. The fruit is most effective at preventing and treating colon, liver, pancreatic, and cervical cancer. Some individuals have received additional benefits when they combine papaya extract with green tea.

The use of papaya for cancer treatment has historically been viewed as an example of alternative or natural medicine. Recent scientific study has suggested that the fruit's chemical properties may be able to reduce and shrink cancerous tumors. This reduction in tumor size occurred without the use of conventional medicine and was a direct result of the fruit's consumption. Papaya enzyme was able to reduce malignant tumors in patients with breast, cervical, lung, colon, liver and pancreatic cancer.


While it is not known if using papaya for cancer will completely cure individuals from the disease, the fruit's extract and enzymes have been shown to decrease malignant cell formation. In addition to preventing the development of cancerous cells, papaya fights inflammation in the body. Inflammation can be caused by a hyperactive immune system or autoimmune disorders and can lead to the development of long-term conditions, such as heart disease. There is some evidence that prolonged high levels of inflammation can make an individual more prone to increased oxidation activity at the cellular level.

High levels of oxidation activity in a person's cells can lead to the development of cancerous and abnormal cellular divisions. Using papaya for cancer prevention is effective in the sense that it helps reverse structural damage from oxidation in the cells. One of the main benefits of papaya is its antioxidant activity within the body, which has been effective at reducing the effects of high blood pressure and insulin related disorders.

All of the potential uses of papaya for cancer treatments have yet to be completely discovered. As medical research continues in this area, additional uses and findings are likely to surface. Even though papaya extract and its enzymes have been shown to be effective at starving off cancerous cells, it is best to consult with a licensed medical practitioner if cancer treatments are needed. As with most natural and alternative remedies, disease prevention seems to be the more prevalent and longstanding benefit.


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Post 5

Come on man wake up. Question why would doctors want to get people well, seriously. Pharmaceutical benefits would plummet. It's called dangling a carrot.

Look up the history of pharmacy. We don't get cancer by chance or poor so and so. No. Mankind has destroyed themselves by not taking care of themselves. And we would rather someone else try fix our problems for us. Eat healthy and cut back on the unnecessary stuff. Moderation.

Doctors heal their patients! What a joke. Just give them another pill.

Post 4

@bear 78: Do you know how many billions the doctors and the pharma lobby makes with their useless therapies? That answers why they don't want people to get cured with things like papaya or anything else! Does the drug importer want that people stop taking drugs? No, of course not. Same story; it's all about cash.

Post 3

Has anyone used papaya as a supplement or alternative treatment for cancer?

I don't believe that papaya can treat every form of cancer but I think it might be able to treat cancers involving the digestive system. I'm always hearing about the benefits of papaya for digestion.

I also read recently that papaya leaves are used by some to speed up recovery from dengue fever. So it clearly has some healing properties.

Post 2

@feruze-- If I was a cancer patient, I wouldn't pin all my hopes on papaya either. But I think it might be beneficial for preventing and fighting cancer because of its nutrients. Papaya is rich in antioxidants and doctors always say that antioxidants help prevent cancer.

Post 1

I'm sure that papaya has many benefits for the body. But if it could cure cancer, I'm sure that all doctors would have treated their cancer patients with it by now.

If something as simple as papaya could put an end to cancer, why would we still be doing research worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for a cure?

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