How Effective Is Neem for Scabies?

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Many people report that using neem for scabies quickly and effectively kills the parasite. There has not been much scientific study on the use of neem for scabies, however, so medical professionals aren't certain exactly how effective this treatment is. In many cases, neem may kill off many of the parasites on a person's body, but if any are left alive, these parasites could reinfest the patient or spread to other people. Patients who are extremely sensitive to other medications can use neem but should monitor the condition carefully to make sure that it clears up completely.

People get scabies when they come into contact with others who are already infected with this microscopic mite. It is spread easily when people share a bed and can travel from person to person through any skin to skin contact. Scabies is considered to be highly contagious and should be treated promptly so that it does not spread and so that the infected person gets relief from the intense itchiness it causes. While using neem for scabies could be an effective treatment, in most Western nations, strong chemicals specifically designed to kill this mite are the preferred treatment. Severe infestations may also warrant treatment with a medication that is taken orally.


Neem has been shown to be an effective insecticide and is often used as an insect repellent. Though it is not known whether neem can effectively kill scabies, it does kill many types of arthropods. These bugs are not, however, killed instantly, and it is likely that using neem for scabies would kill these bugs off over a period of time as well. Neem can cause damage to a bug's neurological systems, causing it to stop eating, breeding, and growing. Using neem for scabies may stop an infestation, but it may take a long time to see the results.

Though also unstudied, the use of neem for scabies as a preventative may be possible. The oil from the neem tree is frequently used as a mosquito repellent and could have a similar effect on the scabies mite. Given that scabies is highly contagious and extremely uncomfortable, however, people should attempt to avoid contact with others who are infected rather than risking exposure to the parasite. If a person has been exposed, but has not shown symptoms yet, it is also possible to use neem to try to prevent the scabies from taking hold, though its effectiveness for this purpose is also unknown.


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Post 3

So what's the minimum amount of time I should use neem for? Does it help to combine different neem products?

I have all natural neem oil but I know that there is also neem lotion, soap and shampoos on the market. Is the oil enough to treat scabies or do I need these other products too?

Post 2

@feruze-- That's true, neem products take several weeks to show effect. But once the mites are gone, they won't come back like with prescription treatments.

I've tried prescription drugs too and even though they show effect in several days, the mites come right back after treatment is over.

I used neem oil for about a month to get rid of scabies but the mites never came back. So I think it's totally worth the wait.

Post 1

I wouldn't say that neem is a quick treatment for scabies. Prescription medications and creams are much quicker. I've been using neem oil and neem soap for one week and even though my skin feels a little bit better, my scabies is not gone yet.

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