How Effective is Hypnosis for Blushing?

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Undergoing hypnosis for blushing can be a very effective way to treat excessive blushing, which is also known as idiopathic craniofacial erythema. Through hypnotherapy, individuals can reduce anxiety that leads to blushing and learn how to maintain a calm state of mind to almost completely stop blushing in the future. Although individual results may vary, many have used hypnosis for blushing with considerable success.

Alternative treatments for blushing are commonly sought by individuals who have spent many frustrating years dealing with turning uncontrollably red in the face when embarrassed, nervous or uncomfortable. While this condition is a natural state that everyone experiences, people who blush excessively experience the symptoms far more frequently. This problem often leads to low self-esteem, increased anxiety and social withdrawal. Hypnosis for blushing, however, can help people better understand the mind-body connection that causes symptoms to occur, as well become more aware in efforts to control this connection.


Practitioners who offer hypnosis for blushing work with clients to help them control thoughts that lead to blushing. In essence, the more anxiety a person has about the possibility of blushing, the more likely she or he is to blush in the future. The minds of people with this condition have been self-programmed to automatically fear the symptoms and, thus, begin obsessing about blushing even before faced with a situation that may trigger symptoms. In doing so, these same individuals actually create symptoms instead of avoiding them. With this understanding, controlling anxieties about the condition is the first step in blushing treatment.

By using hypnosis for blushing, a trained hypnotherapist can help individuals reprogram the mind to stop obsessing about a red-faced response. Recurring thoughts can be controlled and, thus, the effect of the blushing trigger reduced. Faulty thinking patterns that have previously prompted uncontrolled and excessive blushing are corrected through hypnosis and many people have been freed from abnormal symptoms.

While a trained practitioner can administer hypnosis for blushing, a person can also use self-hypnosis to achieve the same results. By studying techniques used to relax the mind, increase focus and awareness, and train untamed thoughts, individuals can learn how to calm blushing triggers so as to be able to avoid excessive symptoms. Blushing will probably still occur in the future, as it normally does with most people, but incidents may be reduced to levels that do not cause a person to feel isolated, abnormal or fearful about its onset.


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