How Effective Is Homeopathy for Hypertension?

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Using homeopathy for hypertension involves stimulating the body's natural healing process using watered-down or weakened natural medications. Many homeopathic practitioners assert that homeopathy is effective for treating hypertension when focused on the underlying causes of the condition. A person can decide whether it will prove effective for him by researching possible treatments and then getting the opinion of both a medical doctor and a homeopathy practitioner. Among the homeopathic medicines most commonly used to treat hypertension are argentums nitricum, aurum metallic, belladonna, and nux vomicum.

Argentums nitricum, also called silver nitrate, is a homeopathic medicine considered effective in treating hypertensive patients who are described as hot headed and impulsive. Patients suffering from a general feeling of anxiety that correlates with increases in blood pressure, individuals who develop signs of claustrophobia, and those who crave sweet and salty snacks may benefit from this treatment. Often, homeopaths also prescribe it for people who experience upset stomach, loose bowels, and headache pain in relation to hypertension.

A homeopathic practitioner might recommend belladona, a type of plant, for dealing with short-term hypertensive symptoms. People who might benefit from this treatment may experience pupil dilation and visible skin flushing along with increases in blood pressure. Likewise, affected individuals often have skin that feels hot to the touch while their feet and hands feel cold. Using belladona in homeopathy for hypertension might also benefit those who suffer from severe headaches and feelings of dizziness.


Sometimes people with hypertension also develop hardened arteries and the decline of valves inside the body. They may also struggle with stress, feel angered by their own mistakes, and experience cravings for sugary foods and bread. Often, people with these symptoms notice that they are at their worst at night. For such patients, aurum metallic, which is a form of gold, might prove beneficial.

Those who are often impatient might benefit from taking nux vomica — derived from the Strychnos Nux-vomica tree — for high blood pressure. People who are prescribed this homeopathic remedy may also feel tightness in their chests and experience a hard and fast heartbeat. Other symptoms can include difficulty moving one's bowels and tolerating the cold.

Before using homeopathy for hypertension, many people seek a medical doctor’s advice. A doctor can assess a person's condition and make a recommendation for controlling it. He may also provide advice about the safety and potential effectiveness of using traditional medicine and homeopathic care together. Hypertension can prove deadly if not effectively treated, so seeking medical advice often proves critical. Additionally, some substances used in homeopathy for hypertension can be poisonous if not diluted prior to ingestion, so a trained homeopath's help is typically warranted.


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