How Effective Is Emu Oil for Hair Loss?

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Emu oil is a natural oil derived from the fat of an emu that is similar to human sebum. When applied to the scalp, emu oil is believed to prevent hair loss and reactivate dormant hair follicles. This hair oil is thought to work by blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT), increasing cell turnover, and supporting follicle development. Studies have indicated that using emu oil for hair loss might benefit the scalp and increase hair growth. While it is not possible to say whether this treatment will work for everyone, some people do report positive results when using emu oil to treat hair loss.

One of the main reasons emu oil is used to treat hair loss is due to its ability to block DHT. DHT is a testosterone metabolite that prevents the hair follicles from absorbing nutrients. Starving the follicles of nutrients can cause them to shrink, begin producing hair at a reduced rate, and eventually become dormant. Using emu oil for hair loss might help dormant follicles revert back to their original healthy state. This should increase hair growth and thickness as well as prevent future hair loss.


In addition to blocking DHT, emu oil might prevent hair loss by promoting cell turnover and supporting follicle development when applied to the scalp. This oil is also believed to possess anti-inflammatory properties. Using emu oil for hair loss might prevent the formation of tumor necrosis factor alpha (tnf-a). Tnf-a is a cytokine that causes inflammation and might also play a role in alopecia.

The effectiveness of using emu oil for hair loss is not entirely known. Studies have shown that emu oil is effective in reducing inflammation, increasing cell regeneration, and increasing hair growth. These results indicate that emu oil might be an effective hair loss treatment.

Research has also shown that linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid found in emu oil, is effective in inhibiting DHT. Although research has been positive, it is important to note that few studies have been conducted on the subject as of 2011. Some individuals report positive results with emu oil, while others do not notice an improvement in the quality or thickness of their hair.

When using hair oil, consumers should massage the oil into their scalp at least once a day. There are many types of hair oil available to consumers. While choosing hair oil, consumers should look for pure, refined products. High quality emu oil will be free of hormones, trans fats, preservatives and other harmful materials. Using an impure product might expose the body to unhealthy substances and prevent a person from experiencing the full benefits of the oil.


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Post 4

In a very small area, I have an inflamed scalp and nothing prescribed by my dermatologist has helped, so in researching on my own for relief, I purchased a small bottle of emu oil. I applied a few drops to the tender area and immediately the pain went away and stayed away for at least eight hours. I couldn't believe it. Why wouldn't this be highly suggested by physicians? Instead, they prefer you buy into steroid injections every two months to ease your pain. All about the money.

Post 3

I've tried emu oil for hair loss as well, but unfortunately, it did not work for me. It moisturized my scalp and made my hair shiny and strong. But it didn't stop the hair loss at all. I did use it for several months, so I think I gave it plenty of time to work.

I recently told my doctor about this experiment and he said that although emu oil has some beneficial fatty acids, they won't do anything for hair loss. Apparently most fatty acids in their natural form cannot block DHT, which is the cause of hair loss in most people.

Post 2

@stoneMason-- I'm using emu oil for hair loss and it is working for me. I haven't experienced re-growth, but it seems to be preventing hair loss fairly well. My hair loss has reduced since I started this remedy.

As the article said, emu oil is beneficial for hair because of its anti-inflammatory properties. So it can reduce hair loss caused by inflammation and androgens.

As with most remedies, it takes a while to start seeing the effects of the oil. I started seeing results after almost one month of use. But if you use it persistently, it will help.

Post 1

I've used emu oil as a skin moisturizer and topical pain reliever. It is absolutely wonderful for dry skin and aching joints. I had no idea that it could also be used on the scalp for hair loss. Has anyone here tried it for this? Does it work?

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