How Effective Is Boric Acid for Fleas?

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Boric acid for fleas is considered to be one of the most effective treatments available. It can be used to treat entire homes or offices and lasts for up to one year. The treatment works by dehydrating fleas and attacking their nervous systems. Fleas tend to not develop a resistance to boric acid, which is one of the reasons why it is considered to be highly effective.

Using boric acid for fleas usually only requires a one-time application to the affected areas. Boric acid typically comes in a powder-like form and can be placed on carpet or other fabrics. Some of the powder may need to be brushed in for it to work properly. It also usually has to sit for a week or so in order to get rid of fleas.

Boric acid is very effective in getting rid of existing fleas as well as their eggs. Once the treatment has been applied to the affected areas and allowed to sit, the area can be vacuumed in order to get rid of the flea problem. Using boric acid for fleas is considered to be more effective than pest control sprays that have to be applied monthly.


One of the reasons why using boric acid for fleas is so effective is that it dries out their systems, which results in suffocation. Boric acid also destroys the central nervous systems of fleas, making it very difficult for them to survive any exposure with the chemical. Unlike chemical sparys boric acid is free of unpleasant odors and is considered to be safe for human contact.

If a pet has a flea problem, it isn't enough to just treat the animal. Since a cat or dog comes into contact with several fabrics and areas of a house, using boric acid for fleas ensures that multiple areas can be treated. Without reaching all areas that might be infested with fleas, the problem stands a good chance of resurfacing. The powder form of boric acid makes treating an entire house or office plausible.

When boric acid is used properly, it can be just as successful as a professional treatment. It is important to apply it to any area that could be infested with fleas. Boric acid is used in most commercial solutions and is considered to be an inexpensive alternative to an extermination service.

Once boric acid has been used and applied properly, its effects tend to last longer than just a few months. Yearly applications are usually all that are needed to control a flea problem. Individuals who decide to use boric acid should follow application instructions to reap the most benefits.


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Has anyone tried using borax for the treatment of head lice? They are becoming ever more resistant to proprietary products, and can be the devil to get rid of.

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