How Effective Is Arginine for Erectile Dysfunction?

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Using arginine for erectile dysfunction is believed to be very effective. The researchers who discovered the effectiveness of nitric oxide contained in arginine, in fact, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology in return for their studies in this area. Believed to be a natural remedy for treating erectile dysfunction as well as other conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, arginine for erectile dysfunction is often preferred over other medications, as there are few side effects associated with this amino acid.

Without proper levels of arginine, the body does not produce adequate amounts of nitric oxide. In the absence of this gas, which is introduced to the body through certain foods, constricted blood vessels prevent healthy blood circulation. This sort of constriction may cause congestive heart failure and hypertension, as well as erectile dysfunction.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology was awarded to Doctors Ignarro, Furchgott and Murad for their breakthrough studies into the uses of nitric oxide such as is found in arginine. These studies led to the discovery that arginine, also referred to as L-arginine, presents a rise in nitric oxide which stimulates an erection through the dilating of various blood vessels found in the penis. Arginine also helps make nitric oxide so that the arteries retain necessary elasticity.

In addition to using arginine for erectile dysfunction, other uses of arginine include its use in healing sexual dysfunction in women. Formulas created for women also sometimes contain herbs such as damaina, ginkgo and ginseng. Studies show that, when these herbs are combined with arginine, their effectiveness in stimulating the female libido is increased.

Arginine occurs naturally in foods such as certain nuts, seafood and meat. It may also be obtained through dietary supplements. While foods are a natural source for this amino acid, many prefer taking supplements of arginine to measure how much of it is being accessed through a single dose. This is deemed to be quite important since research suggests that lower dosages of arginine may be more effective than higher dosages that the body often naturally adjusts to and eventually stops responding to.

Many believe that the risks of arginine for erectile dysfunction are less threatening than those associated with penile implants or certain other medications used to treat this condition. Serious arginine interactions do exist, however, and medical experts warn against using arginine for erectile dysfunction without consulting a medical professional first. For example, because arginine works to dilate blood vessels, individuals who are taking medication for hypertension are warned that one of the side effects of arginine for them is that blood pressure may be lowered to unhealthy levels.

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