How Effective Is an Eye Roller for Puffy Eyes?

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The effectiveness of an eye roller for puffy eyes might be somewhat debatable because some people seem to think they work wonders, but others write them off as a scam. Different brands use different formulas and active ingredients to comprise the liquid inside the rollers, which some people might find effective, but others do not notice a decrease in puffiness. Regardless of whether the actual product works, it can be argued that the mechanics of the eye roller, such as cooling and massaging, might be effective for puffy eyes.

Many cosmetics companies make good arguments for the ingredients in their products. A common ingredient in an eye roller for puffy eyes is caffeine, which is said to constrict the blood vessels underneath the eyes and therefore reduce puffiness. This logic is right in line with the more traditional advice to apply cool teabags over the eyes to reduce puffiness, which also is thought to work because of the caffeine. Other ant-inflammatory ingredients such as licorice and antioxidants are alleged to have similar effects. The vasoconstriction theory is also supported by people who claim that hemorrhoid cream can also relieve puffiness by restricting blood vessels.


Using an eye roller for puffy eyes can also mimic another traditional method for relieving swelling. A standby trick for reducing puffiness is to rest a chilled metal spoon over each eye. This can be mimicked by using an eye roller that has been cooled in the freezer or refrigerator. The cold allegedly reduces eye puffiness.

Another mechanical element of an eye roller for puffy eyes is simply the way it is applied. The roller ball is massaged over the swollen area, which helps stimulate circulation and relieve the fluid retention that is responsible for the puffiness. Even though this has very little to do with the product inside the roller ball, the massaging motion might be enough to help decrease swelling and relieve puffiness.

Essentially, the effectiveness of an eye roller for puffy eyes is quite subjective. Some puffiness is caused by genetics, so it is not always possible to get rid of it, no matter what the purposed solution is. Other causes of puffiness include eating excessive salt or the pooling of liquid under the eyes while sleeping in a reclined position.

Reviews are so mixed on eye rollers that it is up to the consumer to test out different brands and decide how effective they are, keeping in mind that what works for one skin type might have little effect on others. When it comes to eye rollers, the best bets will have active ingredients that have been proved to help reduce swelling. People who purchase a product and are unhappy with the results can try chilling the eye roller to increase soothing and effectiveness for treating puffy eyes.


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@ocelto60- I agree with you. Anyone thinking about purchasing an eye roller should save the money and practice facial massage techniques instead. After all, the idea is the same but requires using your hands and fingertips instead of an eye roller.

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I have used an eye roller for puffy eyes, and I don't think that it worked any better than massaging puffy eye cream around your eyes.

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