How Effective Is Aloe Vera for Arthritis?

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When patients use aloe vera for arthritis, the results may vary based upon the severity of the disease, the person's age, and the method used to administer this herbal remedy. When applied directly to swollen joints, aloe vera lotion normally reduces inflammation and helps alleviate pain within a few minutes. This may be only temporary, so aloe vera may need to be applied several times throughout the day. Those who do not have time to do this may want to drink aloe vera juice or take capsules two or three times a day to prevent joints from becoming inflamed. People normally have the best results when they modify their diet, maintain a healthy weight, and perform light exercise on a regular basis.

Some cases of arthritis may be very mild, in which case aloe vera lotion might be used only when symptoms flare up. This can be done by applying the lotion topically to affected joints. When used in this manner, aloe vera for arthritis can be simply rubbed into the skin or it might be used to massage the affected area. This method of application is normally very effective for people who only experience symptoms whenever there is a change in the weather or after strenuous activity.


Advanced stages of arthritis can severely affect an individual's ability to perform daily activities. In this instance, using aloe vera for arthritis relief might need to be an ongoing process. One way to do this is to drink aloe vera juice or take supplements along with meals, as doing so can be a preventative measure, potentially keeping joints from becoming inflamed. When using these aloe vera products, patients normally see moderate relief within a few days, and this relief continues to increase with continued treatment. After several months of using aloe vera, many people report their symptoms have completely disappeared, while others may notice only slight discomfort in their joints.

When using aloe vera for arthritis, it can be a good idea to make other changes to one's lifestyle in order to achieve the best results. Eating foods rich in fiber along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is generally recommended. Performing moderate exercise at least three times a week can help maintain healthy circulation and increase mobility, but it can be important to ask a physician before doing strenuous exercise. These things also tend to help people lose weight, which can help ease arthritis symptoms when the joints are not overburdened.


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Post 3

I have taken a quarter cup of aloe vera juice daily mixed with the same amount of cranberry juice every day for the past six months, and my osteoarthritis has completely gone. My doctor had told me that it is incurable and that the Xrays showed osteoarthritis in both knees. He sent me for very expensive knee braces which are now sitting in a cupboard. Hopefully I won't be needing them anymore.

Post 2

I've had mild osteoarthritis in my knees for several years. But recently it has gotten worse. I used to walk several times a week, but on a trip, I overdid and ended up with one knee swollen and painful.

It took several weeks of rest and icing my knee to feel better. I also went to the doctor and got an injection, which is helping quite a bit.

I have tried most of the pain creams, including aloe vera. They all helped for just a short while.

I would be willing to try aloe vera juice or pills. Maybe taking something like that internally would help.

Post 1

If you have osteoarthritis that is in the early stages, aloe vera or other natural supplements could help relieve pain and inflammation. Usually in the beginning of the deterioration of cartilage, you might have pain and inflammation just once in a while. So I think a formula that you rub into the painful joints would probably do the trick. This is what a friend with arthritis told me.

My mom had arthritis in her knees. She tried some of the rub on creams, but they only helped for a short time. She found that losing some weight, exercising mildly most days and taking OTC pain relievers helped.

She never tried taking aloe vera or other natural supplement internally by drinking juice or taking pills. That might work - I'm not sure.

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