How Effective Are the Bans on Cell Phone Use While Driving?

Bans on cell phone use while driving have not been found to be effective in the United States, researchers say. Comparisons of vehicle accident rates before and after hand-held cell phones were banned while driving have found no significant difference. It is not known why the bans do not appear to have an effect on accident rates, but researchers believe it could be because the laws are difficult to enforce or because drivers still engage in other distracted behaviors.

More about distracted driving:

  • An estimated two-thirds of drivers use their cell phones while driving, and 25% of drivers have admitted to using their cell phones even during fast and heavy traffic.

  • In 2008, an estimated 22% of all vehicle crashes were thought to be the result of distracted driving because of cell phone use.

  • As of late 2013, talking on a hand-held cell phone while driving was banned in 12 US states and the District of Columbia.

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