How Effective are Ear Plugs for Snoring?

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Using ear plugs for snoring can be effective, but success often depends on what type of ear plugs are used as well as how loud the snorer snores. There are different types of ear plugs, with varying levels of decibel protection offered by each kind. For the best results, it may wise to choose ear plugs that are designed specifically for use while sleeping.

For maximum effectiveness, it is important to match the sound-blocking needs to the type of ear plugs used. For example, if a snorer merely snores quietly, nearly any comfortable ear plug usually will suffice. On the other hand, if the snoring is quite loud, purchasing specific ear plugs for snoring that are designed to block out this type of noise may be best. Snore-blocking ear plugs are typically designed to block out up to 32 decibels while also being comfortable enough to wear throughout the night while sleeping. Ear plugs designed to block out higher decibels also are available, however.


The effectiveness of any ear plug generally decreases the louder the snorer gets. The proximity of the snorer also may make a difference in the effectiveness of ear plugs for snoring. Blocking out another person's snoring when that person sleeps in the bedroom down the hall can be easily accomplished with regular ear plugs available for purchase at most stores. If the snorer sleeps in the same bed, even the best ear plugs may not be able to block out the noise completely.

The good news is that ear plugs exist that will block out jet engine noise for flight line personnel, so there is a good chance of finding ear plugs that can block out most of the snoring noise and allow for a good night's sleep. Ear plugs that block out sound as levels higher than 32 decibels may be more expensive, however. Some top-of-the-line ear plugs even provide white noise on top of the decibel-blocking technology, which may further aid in getting to sleep.

Ear plugs for snoring can only be effective if they remain in the ears throughout the night. For this reason, it is important to find ear plugs that are durable enough to stay put while also being comfortable enough so a sleeper will not pull them out while sleeping. Some ear plugs can be custom fit to a particular ear. These are typically more expensive, but may be a solution of cheaper models aren't comfortable enough.


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My sister snores too loud. I use Aussie Ear Plugs to avoid my sister's snoring noise. I put them into my ears every night. They are amazing and more comfortable.

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I use the beeswax ear plugs to block out my husband's snoring, and I can't speak any more highly of them. They're really effective, but the best thing about them is that they're extremely comfortable so my ears don't hurt when I wake up in the morning and they stay in the whole night. I don't know where else they're sold, but I buy them directly from the manufacturer online.

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