How does Soy Milk Compare to Regular Milk?

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Soy milk is commonly referred to as soya milk, soy bean milk, soy beverage, and soy drink. Regardless of the name it is given, this beverage has a consistency and color similar to milk, and is made from soybeans.

This milk is different from regular milk in that it is derived from plants. It is created by soaking soybeans, and then grinding the beans and the water together. It can be purchased from stores or made at home with the help of a soy milk machine. Regular milk, on the other hand, is extruded from the udders of animals, with cows being the most common animal used. Since the soy version is made from plants, it is safe for individuals who are lactose intolerant.

Soy milk and regular milk are both good sources of protein, with both providing equivalent portions. Soy milk does not, however, provide nearly the amount of calcium as regular milk. In addition, certain vitamins such as vitamin B12 are artificially added to soy-based beverages.

There are several benefits to drinking soy milk instead of regular milk. First of all, it contains phytochemicals, which help reduce the risk of developing cancer. Unlike regular milk, soy milk does not contain hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol, or saturated fat. Each of these components has been linked to an increased risk of diabetes, cancer, and other deadly diseases.


Soy milk is also believed to help reduce cholesterol levels and to help control the blood sugar levels of diabetics. In addition, it is an excellent source of lecithin and vitamin E, which helps keep the skin healthy, clear, and strong. It also contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which have been shown to be good for the heart. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration has said that 25 grams of soy protein each day helps reduce the risk of developing heart disease when combined with a low fat, low cholesterol diet. Drinking four cups of soy milk per day ensures this amount of soy protein is consumed.


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Regular milk apparently carries with it the fear of digested hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, etc. Does the same hold true for skim milk, when the fat has been removed and some or all of the harmful effects of cow feed are eliminated?

Post 4

Does drinking soy milk make your hair grow faster?

Post 2

I have stents in my body, so I take three medicines which have anti-coagulant properties. Additionally, I take one to two glasses of Soya Milk every day.

Since I read this article, I am in a perplexed situation as to what should I believe in & what direction should I go?

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Is there a possibility that a breast of a female will enlarge if you keep on drinking soy milk?

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