How do You Introduce Yourself in an Interview?

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Everyone knows the importance of first impressions, and the way you introduce yourself in an interview is one of the most important first impressions you will make. You will want to appear both friendly and respectful as you are introducing yourself. Walk up to the interviewer, smile, and firmly shake his or her hand. It is likely that he or she will then provide his name, in which case you can then respond by saying hello, repeating his name, and introducing yourself by your full name, also stating that it is nice to meet him.

Keep in mind that a first impression is not solely based on the way you introduce yourself in an interview; the way you present yourself says a lot about your level of professionalism and your maturity as well. This means dressing professionally for an interview, being sure you are carefully groomed before arriving. In addition, it is important to arrive a few minutes early for an interview to display that you are punctual; never arrive late for an interview. Switch off your cell phone and absolutely do not look at it again until the interview is complete.


It is often recommended that you remain standing while waiting for an interviewer both as a sign of respect and because getting up out of a chair can add a minute to the introduction while the interviewer is standing there waiting for you. Of course, the best way to introduce yourself in an interview is with a smile and a handshake, but make sure the interviewer is making an attempt to shake your hand as well; some people prefer not to. Using your full name to introduce yourself, as well as repeating the interviewer's name; i.e. Mr. Jones, is a good way to show you are listening and will also help you remember his or her name. Do not make the assumption that you can use a first name or nickname to address the interviewer when you introduce yourself in an interview unless he or she says so.

If there are multiple people waiting in the office or interviewing room when you arrive, be sure you introduce yourself politely to all of them. Remain standing until you are specifically invited to sit down, do not simply pull up a chair, which can be impolite. The way you introduce yourself in an interview is undoubtedly important, but if you make a mistake, shake it off and just do your best in the interview; be sure to be equally polite when leaving and to thank the interviewer for his or her time. It is also important to be just as polite with any receptionists you meet, as they might be asked for their impressions later.


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