How Do I Write an Organizational Behavior Paper?

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Organizational behavior refers to the study of the way people behave within the context of a work setting, such as in a business or corporation. If you are in college and are studying business or related fields, it is likely that you will need to write an organizational behavior paper; you may also have to write such a paper after doing an organizational analysis of a particular business. In order to successfully write an organizational behavior paper, it helps to first come up with a specific topic within that heading and focus on doing a careful analysis of that topic.

If you have done research, you should analyze your findings to come up with a main point, or thesis. This thesis will drive the rest of the paper, as all subsequent writing will focus on proving that your thesis is correct. Once you have developed your thesis, you will know what you need to say or prove with your organizational behavior paper. In some cases, an employer may task you with focusing on a specific aspect of organizational behavior; if this is the case, make sure your thesis statement focuses on this aspect and answers the employer's questions adequately.


Some of the most common aspects of an organizational behavior paper will focus on an analysis of organizational culture, or the habits people develop during interactions; organizational effectiveness, the ability to come up with solutions and work through processes; and general communication, which essentially refers to structures that are in place within the workplace to facilitate a flow of information. It is a good idea to analyze your thesis in terms of these considerations to come to concrete conclusions about inconsistencies, successes and failures, and steps that can be taken in the future to improve workplace functioning.

Make sure your organizational behavior paper addresses specific instances and solutions. You can start your paper talking about broader concepts, but it is always best to discuss specific concerns as they relate to a particular business. Try to give examples and back up those examples with citations from texts of other studies, concrete data, or other narratives that will give the reader an understanding of why a particular behavior may exist and how that behavior affects the workplace overall. It is also important to write an effective conclusion that briefly summarizes the main points of your paper as well as any recommendations for moving forward.


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