How do I Write an MBA Thesis?

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If you are working toward a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree, then you will likely need to write an MBA thesis before receiving your degree. There is not typically a hard and fast rule on how to write such a thesis, and a great deal of the structure will depend on what you are writing about and any requirements set by your thesis adviser. Aside from that, however, there are some general guidelines you should consider before you begin to write your paper and as you are writing it. You should choose a subject for you MBA thesis that you are interested in, perform a great deal of research, select your sources and information carefully, structure your work in a way that is logical and navigable, and revise and edit your work extensively.

An MBA thesis is typically the final paper you will write as you finish a master’s program. This paper is greater than just a large research paper, and there are certain elements you should consider carefully as you move forward with your work. You should begin working on your MBA thesis by choosing a subject you are interested in and is relevant to modern work and concerns.


It is quite likely that you will spend a great deal of time working on your thesis, so you should be sure to choose a subject you can work on extensively without growing bored. The work you do on your MBA thesis should also be meaningful and useful to this time; even if you are writing about the past you should find a way to make it connect with the present. Your thesis is not just a paper you create to complete your master’s degree. It should be something others will care about and that introduces your ideas to those in higher levels of academia.

To this end, you will also want to research your subject extensively, and you should choose a subject for which a great deal of information exists. While you can generate original work and research, and you should do so, you want to be sure there is raw data out there with which you can work. As you perform research for your MBA thesis, you should also be sure that your research is accurate and reliable. It can be devastating for your entire thesis to build it on ideas that are incorrect or outdated by newer research.

As you actually write your MBA thesis, you should be sure to establish and follow a structure for your paper that is cohesive and works to advance your ideas. Build the paper into chapters, sections, and subsections so that others can navigate your work for ideas that are meaningful for them. You should also build on your own ideas within your work, and your subsections should refer to each other whenever possible to create a more coherent overall work. This can be further enhanced by extensive editing and rewriting, in which you should verify all of your data and research, and also ensure your MBA thesis follows a logical progression of ideas and structure.


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