How do I Write an Economics Dissertation?

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An economics dissertation is a common requirement for every doctoral candidate in economics prior to graduation. Your economics dissertation can break new ground when you select a topic that has not been addressed by your predecessors. The beginning of your dissertation should feature a title and abstract to preview your work. You can attract attention to your thesis and conclusions by writing your economics dissertation as a series of articles. Your dissertation is more likely to withstand analysis from future readers when you include charts, graphs, and proper citations.

You can start your dissertation work on a positive note by choosing a narrow focus for your research. Your research should involve extensive review of recent dissertations at economics departments worldwide. You might want to look at the latest issues of economics journals and magazines to see the latest trends in the field. An economics dissertation can turn into a journal article or book when you pursue research in an area overlooked by other economists.

The dissertation title and abstract can offer a window into the years of research you have conducted. The title of your economics dissertation should be a brief sentence explaining the scope and nature of your research. You can focus a significant amount of time to writing an abstract of up to 500 words. This one-page summary describes your thesis along with major conclusions reached through extensive data collections and research.


Your writing style should focus on front-loading ideas and conclusions in each paragraph and section. Each section of your dissertation should start with a paragraph summarizing the overriding theme of the following paragraphs. The first sentence of each paragraph should explain an idea or point that is demonstrated in proceeding sentences. This approach to writing an economics dissertation allows for quicker review by faculty and colleagues.

An economics dissertation can be more effective when you use charts, graphs, and other visuals sparingly. You can save your readers from endless visuals by limiting yourself to one or two graphs per section. Each visual element should be labeled, explained, and cited within your text. Additional graphs and visual components can be added to appendices at the end of your dissertation.

You can maintain your academic integrity while assisting future researchers by using the right citations in your economics dissertation. Most economics papers and dissertations use APA format with author names and page numbers cited within the text. You might use footnotes in each section to elaborate on ideas that are not directly connected to your thesis statement. A properly formatted bibliography might be used by economists and professors to determine how you reached your conclusions.


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