How do I Write a Teacher Mission Statement?

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The first requirement for writing a teacher mission statement is a clear idea of your aims. Once you know what you want to do, you need to find language that can convey those ideas to your audience in a personal manner. It is also important to make sure the language you choose is positive and convincing.

It is impossible to write a good teacher mission statement without a clear and concise idea of what it is you want to accomplish. You must first decide what your aims are and whose interests you are serving. For example, it may seem to you that the obvious answer is that your aim is to educate children so they can grow up and be good people. A little brainstorming, however, may reveal that you view children as components of society, and instead of focusing on individual students, you are attempting to improve society overall.

As you are brainstorming, outline your thoughts and edit them until a few words can clearly communicate your aims. You do not want your teacher mission statement to be too long or people may not read all of it. If you include too many areas of focus, people may find it unrealistic or you may portray yourself as unfocused. To prevent this, avoid including too many minor points and find broad statements that summarize them instead.

Your brainstorming may result in aims that seem plain or ordinary. There is nothing wrong with selecting your language carefully so you can spruce up your ideas. What you do not want to do is to create a mission which is not truly yours for the sake of writing one you think sounds good. Many people fail to realize how perceptive readers are and that readers can often recognize when they are being told the truth. Furthermore, if your students or their parents are exposed to false statements about your plans, you could lose their confidence and trust.

No matter what you write, your teacher mission statement should be filled with positive language. The purpose of this type of statement is to inform other people of the tasks you have undertaken. If you write in a manner that communicates negativity, pessimism, or doubt, you may convey a sense of hopelessness or disinterest, which is contrary to the purpose. There is no need to write a teacher mission statement if you do not believe in your own mission.

What you write should be very personal and warm. Avoid any temptation or inclination to write about yourself in the third person. This is your statement, so it is permissible to use “I” and “me” freely. Since your aims will probably include references to other people who you will interact with, it is permissible to refer to them on a more personal basis. The inclusion of pronouns such as “they”, “them”, and “we” can help you to accomplish this.

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Post 5

The emphasis should not be on tolerance because tolerance is not acceptance. For some reason, every single teacher promotes tolerance!

True learning from everyone in a classroom can only be accomplished when acceptance has been achieved. Political correctness is a social construct, designed to divide and conquer; it is nothing more than different teams with loving government as a referee.

Post 4

Comfyshoes - I agree. That is a nice mission statement of a teacher. I think that developing a mission statement and looking at it every day will help teachers understand why they went into teaching and strengthen their resolve on particularly trying days.

An elementary teacher mission statement should be placed on the teachers desk or prominently displayed on the wall for all to see.

This will remind the teacher to put things in perspective even after a hard day in the classroom because these days do happen and a reminder of the big picture helps to put things in perspective.

Post 3

SurfNturf- I think narrowing down the focus of what you want to accomplish is probably the way to go. For example, a special education mission statement

might read like this, “To develop the potential of all children and make them understand that there are no limits to what they can accomplish.”

This really establishes the fact that the teacher went into teaching because she sees the potential in all of her students and wants to work hard every day to bring out those realities.

It also addresses the fact that the limits that children impose on themselves are not accurate and a disability should not be an obstacle to success.

It is really an empowering educational

mission statement because people are only achieve what they feel that can actually achieve.

The best teachers are the ones that inspire us to think beyond the textbook. I know that if I was a teacher this is the message that I would relay to my students.

Post 2

I think that a mission statement of a teacher is so hard to write because most teachers have a lot of goals in mind when they pursue teaching.

Most teachers want to help children develop a love of learning and it is not always easy to convey that message in a few short lines.

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