How do I Write a Salon Mission Statement?

Felicia Dye

You should write your salon mission statement with a positive attitude, and this should be conveyed to readers. Motivate individuals to take an interest in your business by setting your salon apart from others without directly comparing it. Allow your personal values to be portrayed through the identity you outline for your business. Also, make sure you write in a manner that shows that your salon is actively addressing its goals.

Remember that your salon mission statement is about your salon.
Remember that your salon mission statement is about your salon.

The mission statement you write should motivate people to want to interact with your business. If your salon appears to be an ordinary business that offers ordinary service, this could be difficult. A mission is something that generally needs to be achieved. To write a salon mission statement, you need to have a clear idea of what it is you want your salon to accomplish.

As you outline the goals, consider if they are worthy of notation. If not, there is no need to include them in the statement because they are unlikely to generate any interest. Once you find goals you believe are notable, you may want to briefly include the strategies that will be used to achieve them. If you have found a niche or plan to cater to an underserved portion of the market, this information should definitely be included in your salon mission statement.

Make sure to use active language when writing so it appears as if your salon is working toward its goals. Furthermore, do not mistake impersonal language for professionalism. People commonly make the mistake of thinking that this improves readers' perceptions. In many instances, however, this is actually a turn off.

When you write your salon mission statement, it can be beneficial to include your personal values. You should remember, however, that it is not a biography and it is not a personal profile. Avoid using this opportunity to write about your personal accomplishments or to brag on the salon's success thus far.

You may decide to write your salon mission statement based on factors you believe will be appealing to a certain clientele. This is not a bad idea if your business does not already have a well-defined identity or if you are planning to make changes. It can be a grave mistake, however, to build a perception that you cannot deliver or that you have no intention to act on.

Remember that your salon mission statement is about your salon. Do not try to compare your business to other businesses. Also, do not act on any inclination you may have to bash another salon. Avoid using this as a space to address any professional mistakes you may have made in the past.

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Remember that this statement is going to last for a long time, as long as your salon lasts. So you'll want it to be something that is still going to be relevant in ten years.

For every paragraph you should ask yourself if you will still feel this way about this in ten years and whether it's actually worth putting in there. It doesn't have to be a whole essay. Even just a few sentences are enough as long as they are enduring and well crafted.


@MrsPramm - I would suggest that, as well as focusing on the customers, a good mission statement of a company will include something about how they are going to treat the staff. I know that it's particularly true of salons that they are often started by someone who has worked in the business for a while, so they know the difference between a good boss and a bad boss.

Your mission statement should reflect the hope that you'll be a good boss.


Don't be afraid to be a little bit idealistic when you write this. Think about why you went into the business and what your ultimate goals are (although make sure that you don't just focus on the money side of things if that happens to be one of your goals!).

For example, a couple of friends of mine opened their own salon a year ago and their mission statement is all based around wanting women to feel good about themselves on the inside by helping them feel comfortable on the outside. Their company's mission statement is a little bit cheesy, actually, but it definitely sets the tone they want it to set to make people feel comfortable in their workplace.

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