How Do I Write a Quality Control Report?

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A quality control report is a type of evaluation that seeks to determine how well a set of policies and procedures function in terms of producing goods and services that are of acceptable quality. A report of this type focuses on which steps are taken in the production process and how efficiently those steps add to the overall quality and the timely creation of the products involved. While the exact structure of a quality control report will differ from one setting to the next, there is a core group of attributes that should be included in any type of quality control assessment.

One of the essential factors to include in a quality control report has to do with identifying the product that is under evaluation. This will involve a detailed description of that good or service as well as any special applications that are among the common uses of that product. The idea of the description is to provide a clear understanding of how the product is configured, what it is intended to accomplish for the buyer and set the expectations in terms of the level of quality that the good or service must attain in order to be viable in the eyes of consumers.


With the expectations for the good or service established, the quality control report will often move on to explore each step of the production process. This usually begins with an assessment of the raw materials used in that process, noting any issues regarding the quality of the materials currently purchased from specific suppliers. Here, any procedures used to determine the quality of the raw materials are examined, and may include suggestions on how to refine that process, making it easier to identify and reject any materials that are not of an acceptable grade.

The quality control report will also address the actual production process. This can include everything from the arrangement of the production floor itself, any challenges that may result in the loss of time and efficiency as the materials are moved from one machine to the next, and even the production capacity of the machines that are part of the process. This type of close evaluation can often provide insight into little issues that may be slowing production or possibly increasing the risk of contamination that would result in a lower quality finished product.

A thorough and detailed quality control report will provide valuable insights into what is working very well in the overall production process as well as addressing any concerns that may be hampering the ability of the facility to produce the highest quality goods and services. The identification of areas of concern and providing at least some rudimentary suggestions for improvement can often give managers and owners inspiration for how to adjust the operation so that the quality of goods is enhanced without having an adverse effect on the quantity produced. Often, the findings in this type of report can not only help to protect quality, but also highlight issues that once addressed and resolved allow the business to reduce operational costs and increase the amount of profit that is earned on each unit sold.


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A good inspection report is very important, so the buyer can know the true situation about the goods and make the right decision for the shipment which be inspected.

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