How do I Write a Novel?

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Many aspiring novelists wonder what it takes to see their creative ideas end up as a published novel. As with any endeavor, there are various stages that most writers must go through in order to come up with an idea, write a novel, and get the novel published. Each step is important and each one builds upon the previous step.

Before a novelist can write a novel, she should complete some background work. For example, she should read plenty of other works to see if her writing style and ideas can compete with what is currently in publication. People who have confidence that they can write a novel matching the quality and creativity of others that fall in their genre should look for additional advice from top-selling authors through their websites, writing classes, and workshops.

Novels are made memorable through their characters. Readers want to love, hate, fear, and relate withthe characters in the books they read. One of the best ways that characters are made more compelling is through the clarity of the events that unfold in the novel. Thus, to write a novel that will get published it is suggested that the characters use all of their senses. As a result, the readers will be able to experience events with the characters through clearly describing sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of in the characters’ world.


Some writers like to write a novel by the “flying by the seat of their pants” method and others like to outline and plan it out. In some cases, the research and background work must be completed to make the events and details of the novel accurate. In addition, it is important to have a basic synopsis and “hook” conceptualized before the writing process can begin. In some cases, a new thought or twist may develop in the mind of the writer midway through the writing process. In that case, the author must weave that development into the book by re-writing and editing a large portion of what has already been written.

For many novelists, the decision to write a novel is simple and the actual writing process is enjoyable; however, the steps that must be taken to get the novel published are both time-consuming and difficult. Attending writers’ conferences, workshops, book signings, and book clubs are great ways to network. Many writers strive to have their manuscripts read by an agent; but, an agent is more likely to read a manuscript of a new author if she has been recommended by one of the agent’s current clients or contacts.


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