How do I Write a Modeling Cover Letter?

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A modeling cover letter accompanies the resume and pictures that you send to a modeling agency when looking for employment. It should contain your complete contact information, a concise listing of the key points in your modeling career, and a statement regarding your interest in modeling and the path you wish to take. Some preparatory research is required before drafting the letter.

If you are new to the industry, you must do some preliminary research before writing a modeling cover letter. There are different types of modeling jobs available, ranging from presenting fashion designs on catwalks to hand modeling for commercials. Each type has its own requirements in terms of body type, height, weight, and features of the body part you wish to model. Select the type that is most suitable for your physical appearance, and pinpoint the agencies that handle such types. Once you have ensured that the agency you are writing to specializes in the type of modeling you wish to pursue, you will be better able to sell yourself as a good investment.

Format your modeling cover letter similar to a business letter, and place your full contact details in a block above the body of the letter. Location is one of the primary factors agencies check. In the event your resume is somehow misplaced, the contact information in your cover letter will still allow the agency to reach you.


Start your letter by introducing yourself. Mention directly that you are interested in obtaining agency representation, and provide details on why you believe the agency is the best equipped to handle it. You can specify a model signed on with the agency and briefly compare her situation with yours, and how the agency can assist you in the same manner.

Your next task is to convince the agency that you are a good investment. Indicate an understanding of the type of model the agency is seeking, which you can find out by doing preliminary background research online. List the attributes that you believe make you the ideal candidate. These are not limited to physical features, but can also include a good work ethic, punctuality, and key skills such as singing and dancing. You may also mention any training you have received that enhances such key skills.

Select one or two highlights in your modeling experience that will support your statements and convince an agency of your value. Briefly go over them in more detail than your resume provides. It is acceptable to mention the names of companies you have modeled for in the past, especially if they are known brands. Your cover letter aims to leave an impression in the reader's mind and persuade him to give your pictures a first and second look.

End your modeling cover letter with a statement of the type of modeling you wish to pursue in the future, your end goals, and the steps you are taking to make it happen. An example would be lip modeling, and explaining how you maintain a strict lip care regimen. Ideally, the path you wish to take matches your chosen agency's specialization, and will assure them of your sincerity and commitment.

It must be noted that the avenue through which you send your modeling cover letter may also affect the chances of it making an impression. Modeling agencies have varied preferences for the format in which they wish to receive applications. Sending applications online is not always as favorably received as might be expected; this is due to the possibility of the message being lost or buried in junk mail, and the technical difficulties many applicants have in attaching large image files. Printed letters, resumes, and pictures sent through post are still the most popular method of application.

Review the guidelines on the agency's website. Agencies will generally indicate the format in which they prefer to receive applications, and more importantly, will also list any other requirements that must be sent together with your letter, resume, and pictures. Strictly follow these requirements, as most agencies will not invest their resources in contacting applicants to request the missing data.


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Post 3

In an industry as selective and appearance-based as modeling, a candidate could have an edge over other models by delivering resumes and portfolios in person.

Start by researching the agencies for which you think you will be best suited, and narrow your options down to three or four top contenders.

Then, reach out and try to set up in-person appointments with those that do the hiring or selection at each of those agencies.

Even if they ask you to email or mail photos in advance of the meeting, this approach could get your foot in the door, and the agency is likely to remember you during the selection process.

Also, don't be discouraged by agencies that refuse your request or aren't interested after meeting you. Just move on to the next ones on your list.

Post 2

That it is sound advice Heavanet. Of course, if you are a model, I would think your photo portfolio would be more important than your resume and cover letter. After all, each agency is searching for a specific look, so it only makes sense that the quality and look of photos will be the deciding factor.

Post 1

As with any cover letter, if you are a model submitting a resume and cover letter, you must be professional and concise. You should use a basic cover letter format. Include your key accomplishments, summarize your resume, but keep it short. This format will be sure to catch the attention of potential employers.

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