How Do I Write a Market Analysis Summary?

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Professionals compose market analyses when they want to develop a better understanding of the major companies, products, and consumers within a certain market. For example, when pharmaceutical professionals perform market analyses, they might analyze which companies are selling certain drugs, how much they are charging, which kinds of marketing strategies they are using, how they are selling their products, and which demographics are their targets. A market analysis summary is a concise explanation of what an analysis says and how research was performed. Actual analyses can be quite long and difficult to read, so summaries are great for quickly getting your points across to interested parties. To write a market analysis summary, it is essential that you understand the key points of your analysis, such as questions you asked in your research and answers you learned.

When you are writing a market analysis summary, it is important that you use clear, concise language. You might want your summary to be persuasive, but instead of using rhetoric or advertising language, you want to prove your points with illustrative data. It is important that you are able to map out clear thoughts that progress in a logical manner.


In your market analysis summary, you should state which companies or products you focused on in your research. You should also write about why you chose to focus on these particular targets. If you wrote about certain automobiles because you work in the auto industry, you might want to talk about how the prices of cars in your analysis are similar to those of cars produced by your own company. It is also possible that you chose these targets because market research proved that consumers considered these other companies to be your competition.

It is common in a market analysis to break up various companies and products into different categories. For instance, you might group products by cost, price, or levels of popularity. How you choose to categorize subjects of your analysis should not be arbitrary. As a matter of fact, you should explain why you chose the categorization you did in your market analysis summary. Let your reader know about your lines of thought when putting together an analysis.

As in most kinds of writing, when you write a market analysis summary, it is important that you consider your audience. If you are writing this summary for your colleagues or managers, you might feel comfortable using more technical language. When you must present to clients or shareholders, however, your market analysis summary might be more effective in plainer language.


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