How Do I Write a Dissolution Letter?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Also known as a letter of dissolution, a dissolution letter is a document that serves as notification that some type of business relationship is coming to an end. This type of letter may be related to the ending of a working relationship between two business partners, a client and vendor, or any other type of business arrangement that exists between two parties. The exact content of a dissolution letter is determined by the nature of the letter itself, and the need to satisfy any legalities that may exist in the jurisdictions where the concerned parties reside.

A lawyer will draft a dissolution letter for the client to sign in many cases.
A lawyer will draft a dissolution letter for the client to sign in many cases.

While the exact format of a dissolution letter will vary based on legal issues and the type of dissolution that is taking place, there are a few basics that are likely to be addressed in any letter of dissolution. The name of the sending party must always be clearly stated, along with the name of the recipient. The purpose for the letter must also be stated clearly in the first paragraph. This will normally include identifying the relationship that is being terminated, and the date that the termination goes into effect.

If a formal contract exists between the two parties, it is often necessary to state particulars about that contract in the body of the dissolution letter. Details such as the beginning and ending dates of the contract and the names of the entities who entered into the agreement are presented. In the event that the dissolution is taking place before the formal end date of the contract, citing the terms and conditions related to early contractual termination is often a good idea.

Identifying the specific reason or reasons for ending the relationship are also crucial to the drafting of a dissolution letter. The reasons should be presented in a straightforward manner, with the verbiage used should remain as dispassionate as possible. Verbiage that is of an accusatory manner or casts slurs on the integrity of the recipient should be avoided. Simply state the bare facts of the situation, and keep the text as simple and direct as possible.

A dissolution letter may often touch on any remaining obligations that one or both parties must fulfill, according to the terms and conditions of a pre-existing contract. Recognize those in the body of the letter and note how those matters will be resolved, including the dates for issue of payments due one party or the other, and any other final resolutions that will allow both parties to go their own way.

Keep in mind that since legal requirements for the dissolution of a business contract will vary somewhat from one nation to the next, it is important to consult legal counsel when drafting a dissolution letter. That counsel can provide invaluable help in making sure all legal requirements are met in the text. Keeping legal issues in mind as well as attempting to practice professional business decorum in the selection of the words used will go a long way toward helping the dissolution of the relationship to proceed without complication.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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