How do I Write a Design Mission Statement?

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A design mission statement is an important foundation for any design firm. This document is a simple outline of the principles and beliefs that will guide your company, employees, and work. There are no requirements for what information must be contained in a company mission statement, but many discuss services provided, dedication to customers, and how you will provide these elements. Additionally, qualifications, a pledge to stay current and even ethics are often included. The mission statement is an opportunity to give prospective clients a snapshot of your design company's personality and expertise.

You only need to use a few paragraphs when crafting a design mission statement. This information is best given in short, declarative sentences that outline your company's beliefs. It is also best to stay away from using too much design jargon, because many prospective clients will not have a mastery of design vocabulary. By writing simple sentences in everyday language, you will be able to provide anyone with a quick idea of who you are as a designer.


The first thing you should mention in your design mission statement is a little background info. This means writing a sentence or two about your design firm and what kind of work you do. No matter if you do strictly graphic design, architectural drafting or offer a full spectrum of design options, a reader should know this fact after reading for a few seconds. Equally important is mentioning how you get this work done. If your company has a legion of experienced designers or you have some unique background that sets you apart, mention it.

Your dedication to customers should also be a focal point for at least one sentence of your design mission statement. Now that readers know who you are and what you do, tell them about your dedication to them. A brief statement, describing your dedication to making customers happy and working with them in an efficient, effective way is a popular addition to any mission statement.

Close your design mission statement with a brief mention about your firm's future. This does not mean predicting how successful you will be, but what steps you take to continually move in the right direction. A pledge to stay updated on the most current trends and techniques sends a strong message to readers. Also, a brief line about your code of ethics also lets prospective clients know that you will be a trustworthy partner for many years to come.


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