How do I Write a Construction Mission Statement?

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A construction mission statement helps inform potential clients about your company's beliefs, goals and strengths. The overall purpose of a mission statement is to provide a glimpse of your construction company's personality in only a few sentences. Statements are generally very short, written clearly, and free from jargon. By combining your construction company's description, goals, and commitments to the job, you will have a great document for company promotional materials like brochures and websites that clearly defines the company.

Brevity is the key to creating a construction mission statement. In general, a statement ranges anywhere from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. It is important to keep in mind your audience when composing a company mission statement and use simple language that does not rely on construction jargon. This is important because using such language can confuse and alienate potential customers. Also, it is important to use declarative sentences and, also, to avoid ending sentences with questions or exclamation points.

Begin your construction mission statement by giving a brief description of your organization. Describe what type of construction you specialize in, or if you have several specialties, briefly list them. Take time to mention how many years you have been in business if it is an impressive length of time. Also, quickly mention any awards or certifications. Anything that makes your construction company stand apart from the competition is an excellent choice for the first portion of a high quality mission statement.


Second, outline your company's goals. This part of the mission statement is an opportunity to make promises to potential customers on the quality of service they can expect to receive. This is also a chance to mention any goals regarding customer service, your mission to build high-quality projects, your intent to provide competitive prices and any other aspect of your business that you believe customers should know. Your construction mission statement should simply provide the reader with a sense of your abilities, but should not utilize facts, figures or numbers.

Finally, close the statement with a brief glimpse at what keeps your company on the cutting edge. The final thing mentioned in a construction mission statement should outline your commitment to customers by updating machinery, teaching employees the latest practices, or developing efficient techniques that will benefit the client. This section should fit nicely with the other two sections, providing a comprehensive look at the past, present and future of your construction business.


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Post 3

Is there a place online where I can find examples of mission statements? Also is there any kind of gold standard, a sort of famous mission statement that I could use as a guide? Thanks for the info.

Post 2

I have worked in construction companies for most of my adult life and have seen lots and lots of construction company mission statements. In general they tend to be weak. They reveal little about the companies they describe and offer little value to readers who may be basing an important building decision on what they discover.

In fact, they tend to be so bland and generic that I would suggest reading examples of other companies statements just to find out what not to write. Look at what others are doing and then do something different.

Post 1

The primary goal of any mission statement, not just mission statements that apply to construction companies, is to define your mission and what makes you unique in the pursuit of that mission.

It is not enough to say that satisfaction is guaranteed. You need to define a character for yourself. Maybe it is coming in at or under cost. Maybe is is the highest standard of workmanship. Maybe it is the ability to build fast. Whatever is is, pick one or two elements that you think really set you apart from the competition and make them the focus of your mission statement.

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