How do I Write a Community Service Essay?

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There are many different reasons you might need to write a community service essay. Often when you set out to write this kind of essay, it is in response to a prompt for admission to a school or as part of an application for a scholarship. For this reason, it is important to note that the most important part of a community service essay for these purposes is following any given directions. This includes instructions relating to the length, topic, or even structure of the essay. Beyond these given instructions, there are a number of guidelines that you can follow that are usually appropriate for this type of essay.

A community service essay should address both the philosophical and personal importance of community service. This means that you must think both about the effect that service has on your life and the effect it has on the world. While it is not a good idea to be trite or to use the words of others, doing research on the effects of community service can help build a very persuasive essay. By demonstrating comprehension of complex theories, you can highlight not only your commitment to service, but also your intelligence.

Writing the essay requires the writer to set aside normal standards of modesty when it comes to positive personal traits and accomplishments. It is important to explain your contributions to community service in the best light possible without lying. While working as part of a group is important, many organizations tend to see individual accomplishments as more valuable than being part of a group.

When providing a description of community service that you have done, it is important to make sure that these claims can be verified. Usually, you do not need to list addresses and contact information in the essay itself, but it is a good idea to be specific about the name of the organization you have done service with and where it is located. This information is usually enough for any interested party to find the organization if necessary. Moreover, listing this information makes the essay sound more professional than referencing the organization informally.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable ending for a community service essay. One way to end such an essay is to explain how you hope to provide community service in the future. Another good way to end a community service essay is by discussing a single poignant anecdote that sums up the value of community service as a whole. Finishing the essay on a strong note can often make the entire essay more memorable, although it is important to keep the reader's attention throughout the paper.

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Post 3

Mutsy - I think that all schools should require community service hours because it makes children realize that there are others in the world besides themselves and it creates a sense of obligation that foster leadership skills.

It also makes them feel good which reinforces the notion that helping others is very rewarding.

I know that I could go on about the Make a Wish Foundation. I was a wish granter which meant that I had to interview the children to see what their wish was and then made sure that Make a Wish delivered their wish as promised.

I was also there on Wish day as well. It was a wonderful experience that makes you realize how grateful we should all be for what we have because there is nothing sadder than a child facing a terminal illness.

Post 2

Crispety - I know that many schools require that their students participate in community service opportunities.

In fact, my children’s school requires students to participate in 20 community service hours each year. They offer an extensive list of charities which I think is great to develop a caring attitude toward those that are less fortunate.

With the rich experience in community service programs my children should have no problem developing additional community service project ideas in the future that they are passionate about.

This will also help them with their essay writing when it comes time for college applications. It is important that the essay be about something that really impacted them because it will be easier for them to write and more interesting to read.

Post 1

The easiest way to write a required community service essay is to consider the community service ideas that you’ve been passionate about and have participated in.

When you're passionate, the words flow automatically and this message gets relayed to the reader. Outline first so that you can organize your thoughts in a cohesive manner.

Don't forget that participating in community service projects can serve as examples where you demonstrated leadership qualities and that is something that a college admissions board would be impressed with.

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