How do I Write a College Admission Letter?

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Usually a college admission letter is a letter notifying an applicant that he or she has been admitted to a college. Sometimes, this term is used to describe a college application letter written by an applicant to the college. Even more rarely, this term is sometimes used to describe a letter of recommendation provided on behalf of the applicant. So the first step to writing a college admission letter is determining which of these items one is attempting to write. Given that a college admission letter notifying an applicant of admission is typically formulaic and unique to a college, it is much more likely that one is being asked to write a college admission letter for an application.

A college admission letter of this type is usually written in response to a prompt of some sort. This kind of letter can be very similar to an admission essay in some regards but should be more focused and directed to a person. Often, one will be asked to write a letter explaining why the college to which one is applying is a good fit or what attracted one to the college.


Like other formal letters, a college admission letter should be formatted in a way considered appropriate according to local etiquette. Different countries have different rules about letter writing, but a letter to a college should usually be formatted in a similar way to a professional letter. Including an appropriate salutation, valediction, and a handwritten signature are all good ideas when possible. The degree to which a college values formalities like these may vary, but it is best to aim as high as possible.

There are a few different strategies for writing a college admission essay, and one should choose a strategy appropriate to the school. Some schools want to see a strong written voice and a lot of personality in a letter, while others look for the ability to write crisply and professionally. One should be relatively familiar with the school to which one is applying, but it may also be a good idea to ask a person in the admissions office what is expected. No matter the style chosen, the letter should always be proofread and free of errors.

If the letter is an answer to a prompt, then one must be sure to answer the question fully. When deciding what information to include in the letter, thinking about unique or special qualifications one has may provide an edge. The most important parts of writing a college admission letter is to be honest and also to compose the letter oneself, as a falsified letter will certainly result in rejection later on. This letter should be a representation of a person, and the best way to do that is to write passionately and with intent.


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I remember writing college admission letters when I applied to attend several universities. I think that a college acceptance letter would be what a student gets when accepted. I guess the two terms could be used interchangeably.

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