How do I Write a Business Research Paper?

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Writing a business research paper requires both writing skills and a specialized knowledge of the topic. Most likely, that knowledge can be acquired through the course for which the paper is being written. Business courses vary greatly, but most rely on the idea that successful strategies can be studied and applied practically. As such, a successful business research paper will demonstrate that the author understands a specific topic and has formulated opinions about it that go above and beyond its current use.

To begin writing a business research paper, the author must first think through the writing prompt provided. The explanation of the assignment and any information provided by the instructor constitute the key to writing a successful paper. At this stage, it is important to make note of everything required for the project, including any bibliographies, outlines, or abstracts that may be required in addition to the paper itself. Before writing, it is usually a good idea to plan out when and how the paper will be written, thereby setting goals for the project.


Once the prompt is been fully understood, it is time to choose a position. For example, if the paper aims to answer a question, then the author must formulate an opinion on that question. If the prompt is more open ended, the writer must choose a topic and propose a theory about that topic. This is a key step in planning a business research paper and will guide the rest of the project.

After the general idea of the paper has been explored, it is time to conduct research. During research, keeping a detailed annotated bibliography can save time later. This provides both a way to recall sources and to compile a work cited page later. It is important to remember that detailed research often changes the original opinion. It is a good idea to use research to inform a decision, not look for sources that confirm what one has already decided.

Usually, a writer prepares for the actual writing of a business research paper by creating an outline, but many people work better by writing a disorganized text and then assembling it into a paper. A business paper should be extremely methodical and demonstrate clear thought in its final form, so it may be best to plan out the paper in some way first. Language used in a business research paper should be professional. A good standard to strive towards is the writing style used in texts read for the class, as these often represent what is considered ideal for the discipline.

Finishing a research paper should always involve multiple drafts and, if possible, peer editing. This is how one can ensure that the logic of the paper is reasonable and clear, and that the document is free of errors of any sort. Most instructors are happy to answer any questions about the paper, and many are available for assistance at different stages of writing the paper.

Staying in contact with an instructors demonstrates both an interest in the topic and a commitment to the class that can prove beneficial later, so communication with this classroom leader should be a component of writing a business research paper whenever possible. With a commitment to meeting the expectations of the instructor, one should be able to write a perfectly acceptable business research paper.


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