How do I Write a Bank Teller Cover Letter?

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When writing a bank teller cover letter to apply for a job, you will want to keep it concise and to the point, while highlighting your qualifications for the job. A bank teller is an entry level position, which might mean that you don't need a great deal of work experience; in that case, highlighting things like volunteer work, college courses, or summer jobs can all make it more likely that the bank will hire you. If you do have prior experience as a bank teller, as a cashier, or someone in a customer service position dealing with both customers and money, be sure to highlight that front and center on the bank teller cover letter.

There are two types of cover letters that you might write, and each bank teller cover letter will require a slightly different approach. The first is a letter of inquiry, which is sent to determine if the bank is hiring. The second type of letter is sent in response to a specific job listing. Both types of cover letters should be accompanied by a resume. In fact, any time you send your resume to a company, it should be prefaced with a cover letter; many companies will not even look at resumes if they are not sent with a letter.


A letter of inquiry should be brief and begin my discussing the specific position and type of work that you are looking for. This might include details such as whether you seek full time or part time work. If part-time is your preference, state the particular shift or days that you are available.

If you are responding to an advertised job, mention the job listing in the cover letter, and detail how your experience and qualifications fit in with what the bank is looking for. Try to pick out the most important points of the job listing, and correspond them to your relevant experience in the first paragraph of your cover letter.

It is a good idea to follow the general rules of business etiquette when writing a bank teller cover letter. Format it in a proper, formal manner, and attempt to find the name of the hiring manager at the bank; "To whom it may concern" should be avoided if possible. Make sure the letter is free of grammatical errors, and keep it to two or three paragraphs. Don't simply repeat the resume; use the letter as a way of drawing the hiring manager's attention to specific aspects of your skills and experience. Be sure to always thank the hiring manager for his or her time, and if you will be following up about the position, include this in your letter as well.


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