How Do I Work for the Army Corps of Engineers?

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Army Corps of Engineer jobs can be lucrative and exciting. Individuals who wish to work for this agency can get started before they have even graduated from school. As of 2011, two programs offered by this agency allow qualifying students to work as either temporary or full-time employees while still enrolled in school. Regular employment opportunities for this agency can be found online. To apply for these jobs, an applicant must submit a resume through one of two specific websites.

The Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) is a program offered to students by the Army Corps of Engineers. This program places students in temporary employment positions. These positions may either be full time or part time, and many students opt to participate during the summer months. With STEP, students will not necessarily be placed in a position that corresponds to his course of academic studies.

Another program that students may want to look into is the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP). This program is similar to the STEP, but students will typically be placed in positions where they will gain excellent experience and education pertaining to their chosen career path. Many students who participate in this program will go on to work for the Army Corps of Engineers.


Individuals who are not students must apply for job openings online. These job openings can be found on the Army civilian service online website. Before applying for any job openings, an individual must first build a resume on the website. Job openings can be found by searching in a particular geographic area, or by searching for a certain type of job.

Army Corps of Engineer jobs can also be found on the USA Jobs website. This website lists several federal job openings. Like the Army civilian service online website, a job-seeker must create a resume before applying. Job openings can be found by searching for “Army Corps of Engineers.” The results can be narrowed down further by searching in a particular location.

The Army Corps of Engineers also holds periodic job fairs. Big cities with convention centers are likely to host this type of job fair. During these fairs, job-seekers have the opportunity to meet with recruiters for the Army Corps of Engineers and apply for jobs. A list of upcoming job fairs can be found on the Army Corps of Engineers website.


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