How Do I Use Witch Hazel for Hair?

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Witch hazel extracts can be used alone for a variety of ailments, although they are also widely incorporated into many commercial beauty products. Oils derived from the herb are helpful when you need to apply the witch hazel directly to the scalp for the treatment of various dry skin conditions. A shampoo that contains witch hazel for hair is one of the easiest products to use, and it can help to balance out hydration levels and prevent frizz. Witch hazel oils are also used in a variety of styling products in order to add shine and control to the hair.

Extracts of witch hazel are derived from the corresponding shrub. It is traditionally used to balance out moisture levels and to reduce inflammation, which is why the oils are so widely found in over-the-counter beauty products. When using witch hazel for hair, most consumers might experience a healthier scalp — this will ultimately lead to healthier strands. At the same time, many hair products that are not applied to the scalp also contain the extracts, and they are designed to condition and boost shine.

Scalp ailments, such as dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, are sometimes treated with the use of witch hazel oils. Such products are generally purchased from natural health stores, and just a small amount of the oil is applied at one time. In order to increase the efficacy of the oil, you should gently massage the witch hazel into the affected area. Also, you might consider applying the product immediately after washing your hair for the best results. This method is also used to reduce irritated hair follicles that might inhibit the healthy growth of new strands.

Shampoos containing witch hazel for hair are among the easiest forms of such products to incorporate into your daily regimen because you simply use them as you would a regular cleanser. This particular type of hair product is generally used as a natural moisturizing agent, but people with oily locks can also benefit from witch hazel shampoo. When using witch hazel on hair, you should keep in mind that it has the propensity to hydrate, but it can also balance out moisture levels in order to reduce excess sebum, which can be particularly useful in reducing frizz.

Styling product manufacturers utilize witch hazel for hair by adding the extracts to a number of sprays, mousses, and gels. The extract acts as a sheen builder, but it also helps to keep the hair properly hydrated. When using styling products with witch hazel, you generally do not need to use any other moisturizing agent unless your locks are extremely dry and damaged. For the best results, apply the products before using heated tools, except if you are using a holding hair spray, which should be used after styling.

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Post 3

When I had hair extensions, I used witch hazel to clean my scalp and roots because I couldn't wash my hair all the time. It worked great. I would just dab it on to my roots with a cotton ball and my scalp felt very clean. I bet it could be used in a spray bottle to clean hair as well. It's a great solution for people who can't wash their hair. I have a friend who just got braids and she's using with hazel to clean her hair as well.

Post 2

@turquoise-- I think that the witch hazel used in hair products is different from the one that's used as a toner. The latter might contain alcohol which would indeed by drying for scalp and hair. I don't think with hazel extract or oil will be drying. They will actually be moisturizing. So either make sure that the product has one of these, or select a product where the witch hazel is listed towards the bottom of the ingredients list. That way, even if it has alcohol, it will be too small an amount to cause drying.

I have a hair moisturizing treatment and witch hazel is one of the last ingredients. I think that the witch hazel helps my hair absorb the product and prevents the product from weighing my hair down.

Post 1

I've never heard of witch hazel being used for hair before. Won't it be drying?

Can someone clarify, which type of witch hazel is used -- is it the extract or the oil? What about the witch hazel that some people use as a facial toner? Can that be used on hair?

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