How Do I Use Temazepam for Sleep?

If you suffer from insomnia, your doctor may have prescribed temazepam for sleep. Temazepam is an oral medication and should be taken for sleep at night, just before you go to bed, and only if you are able to sleep for at least seven hours. You should only take the medication as directed by your doctor and should talk to your doctor before you plan on stopping the medicine. Side effects and withdrawal symptoms can occur if temazepam isn't used properly.

Only take temazepam for sleep right before you plan on going to bed. Patients usually feel drowsy or sleepy soon after taking temazepam, so you shouldn't take it when you still have work or other things to do. It's important that you get a full night's sleep, at least seven or eight hours, after taking temazepam. If you wake up after a truncated night of sleep, you may experience memory loss or feel exceptionally drowsy.

If you do feel sleepy during the day when on the medication and when using it as directed, you should inform your doctor. Your dose may be too high and your doctor may prescribe you a lower dose. Only take the dose prescribed by your doctor, do not attempt to alter it yourself.

Usually, patients who take temazepam for sleep notice an improvement after a seven to ten days. You may not need the medicine after this amount of time, but if your insomnia does not improve, you may need to continue to take temzepam.

Some patients who use temazepam for sleep for longer than the usual 10 days may need to slowly wean themselves off of the drug to avoid withdrawal symptoms and other side effects. When it is time for you to stop the medicine, your doctor will gradually decrease your dose so that you do not experience withdrawal. If you suddenly stop taking temazepam, your insomnia may return, you may feel depressed or you may experience seizures, vomiting and tremors.

Temazepam shouldn't be taken if you drink excess alcohol or are pregnant. The medicine can cause birth defects if taken during pregnancy. Don't drink alcohol when taking temazepam, as alcohol can worsen side effects or drowsiness. Drinking alcohol can also cause you to get up while still asleep and carry on everyday activities, such as eating or driving a car. After you perform these activities, you may not remember doing so.

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