How Do I Use Pomegranate for Weight Loss?

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People often try to use pomegranate for weight loss because of its status as a healthy fruit and its low calorie content. An average pomegranate contains only about 105 calories, 26 grams of carbohydrates, half a gram of fat, and no cholesterol. This fruit contains only a small amount of protein but has a significant vitamin and antioxidant content. To use it for weight loss, you might try a fast with this fruit as your focal point or eating a healthy, low-calorie diet and including pomegranate for snacking and dessert. There are also some diet products that incorporate pomegranate for weight loss, but there is no proof that its inclusion will help you lose weight.

Pomegranate can be used as part of a fasting diet. When used this way, a person might eat mostly pomegranate and supplement with other fruit in an effort to lose weight. He might also drink tea, coffee, water, and other beverages as long as they do not have a high sugar content. This diet can help a person dramatically reduce the amount of calories he consumes on a daily basis, which can stimulate weight loss. Many experts recommend against such drastic forms of dieting, however, as they can be hard to maintain and deprive the body of vital nutrients.


Health experts often consider it a better option to consume healthy, well-rounded meals but focus on foods that are low in fat and calories. To do this, you can determine your average daily energy output in terms of calories and then attempt to eat less than your caloric needs, creating a calorie deficit. You need a deficit of 3500 calories to lose one pound (0.45 kilogram), and many experts recommend spreading this out over days rather than trying to shed 3500 calories in one day. For example, you might eat 500 calories less per day to lose one pound (0.45 kilogram) per week or consume 250 calories less and burn 250 calories in exercise.

If you decide to consume pomegranate as part of a healthy diet for weight loss, you can include it as part of your normal meals. For example, you may eat a small portion of lean chicken, a leafy salad, a slice of whole-grain bread, and a pomegranate for lunch. You can also eat pomegranate for weight loss when the time comes for snacking in between meals or as an after-dinner dessert. Additionally, you can substitute pomegranate juice for the fruit as desired, as long as you do not choose juice with a significant amount of sugar added.

Other than the fact that it is low in calories and fat, there is no proof of the usefulness of pomegranate for weight loss. As such, its inclusion in diet foods and products doesn't guarantee and may not even boost the loss of weight. A serving of pomegranate can provide about 16 to 25 percent of the average person's daily vitamin C requirement, however, as well as potassium and vitamin K. As such, it can prove a healthy addition to these products.


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I had a glass of pomegranate juice a day for five weeks with no other dieting and lost 7 kg!

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