How do I Use Mineral Oil?

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Colorless and odorless mineral oil has a number of different uses. Mineral oil is also known as liquid petroleum, and it is a by-product of gasoline. Due to this fact, many people believe that this type of oil is not fit for consumption or skin usage. Regardless, the oil itself is quite versatile, and can be extremely useful. That said, it is crucial that you know how to use this oil properly before attempting any kind of liquid petroleum concoction.

Mineral oil that is sold in drugstores can be used to remove eye makeup. Since the skin around the eye are is extremely delicate, rubbing this area with a rough material is not advised. Instead, a small amount of oil should be placed on a cotton ball, which should then be carefully dabbed in order to remove makeup. Those people that wear contact lenses should remove them prior to using this type of makeup remover.

Liquid petroleum can also be used to keep skin soft. In fact, baby oil is, literally, mineral oil that has had fragrance added to it. Applying a small amount of this oil to a washcloth or cotton ball, and then rubbing the oil on one's skin can create a softening effect. While the skin applications of this type of oil are effective, it can also be used to maintain household items.


In order to restore luster to wooden objects, simply rub mineral oil into the wood. Likewise, butcher block counter tops and cutting boards can be seasoned by adding adding a few drops of this oil to them. As the oil seeps into the wood, it creates a coating that will help all wooden items shine. The same is also true for stainless steel fixtures, such as sinks and kitchen cabinet handles.

There is some controversy surrounding the use of liquid petroleum as a laxative. While some people believe that this substance does help with constipation problems, medical experts tend to agree that this type of oil should not be self administered. If you want to try using this kind of oil as a laxative, it is recommended that you speak with your family doctor prior to doing so. While liquid petroleum may have healing benefits, it may also cause damage.

Numerous skincare and makeup products contain liquid petroleum, though these products, within the United States, have been tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Thus, any product that does contain this ingredient has been deemed safe for human usage. In addition, any trace of this oil that is used in food preparation has been approved by the FDA making all of these items safe for consumption.


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