How do I Use Loose Opals?

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Loose opals can be used to make various types of jewelry or to decorate clothing and accessories. These mineral gemstones come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. An opal can have a glossy to dull appearance and the color can change if the stone is being viewed from a different angles. There are three types of opals, including the common opal, precious opal, and fire opal. Loose opals can be used separately or in a cluster.

Many people believe that loose opals can also be used to heal the body. Each color is sometimes believed to have a specific healing purpose. For example, some believe a white opal can invigorate the chakras. Black loose opals are thought to decrease pain and eliminate pessimistic thoughts. Orange or red-hued opals can alleviate pains and digestive problems, and multi-colored opals can increase energy.

Different types of opals can also have metaphysical uses. Black opals are thought to be very potent gemstones. They can attract good luck and increase wealth. Fire opals can be used to enhance sex and boost passionate feelings. Rainbow colored opals can increase the chances of having a wish come true.


Unique jewelry can be made using loose opals. After a gemstone has been chosen, it can be fitted into a jewelry setting. Earrings, bracelet, ring and necklace settings can be purchased at any craft store and the loose opals can be glued into the setting. A single stone can be used to fill the setting but it is also possible to use more than one stone if they are assembled correctly.

Accessories such as handbags, belts, shoes, or clothing can be decorated using loose opals. A design or pattern can be drawn onto the accessory. After the design is completed, the gemstones can then be added to outline the pattern. Fabric glue is typically used to keep the opals in place.

Loose opals can be cleaned by gently wiping them off with a soft tissue or cloth. Mineral oil or a small amount of glycerin can be used to remove any stains. Opals should never be placed in direct sunlight or exposed to heat because it can damage the stone and change the color. Chemicals such as bleach can also change the appearance of this stone. These stones contain and hold water, so they can splinter or break if they are dropped onto a hard surface.


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