How do I Use Jojoba Oil for Acne?

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There are a few different ways to use jojoba oil for acne, and each method produces different results. Jojoba oil has cleansing, moisturizing and medicinal properties and it may be used in just one or all of these ways. It works best for mild to medium acne outbreaks.

The first method when using jojoba oil for acne is to use it as a cleanser. First clean your skin as normal, using a mild cleanser or facial wash, and once this is done gently pat the skin dry. Take approximately one teaspoon jojoba oil and gently massage it into the skin.

Pay special attention to the areas that have more breakouts. Apply more pressure in those areas because this will help the oil penetrate and unclog the pores. Use a little heat to draw impurities from the skin. An easy way to do this is to cover the face with a damp, warm facecloth. Leave the facecloth in place until it has cooled down. Gently wipe the excess oil from your skin.

You can also substitute your moisturizer for a few drops of jojoba oil. Use a few drops of oil, rubbing it into the skin. This should be done at least once, if not twice, a day. Jojoba oil break down sebum because of its similarity to human sebum. Using jojoba oil for acne also helps to control sebum production to prevent breakouts.


Treating skin blemishes is another way to use jojoba oil for acne. The best way to do this is to combine the jojoba oil with a little tea tree oil. You should use five drops tea tree oil for every teaspoon of jojoba oil. Once mixed you should store it the refrigerator in an airtight container. The oil mixture can be used whenever you notice a new blemish. All you need to do is to dip a cotton bud into the oil and apply it to the pimple. This mixture should not be applied to the entire skin but only to the blemishes.

Research has shown that when using jojoba oil for acne it can take up to three months to see a noticeable difference, and the results differ from one individual to the next. Some breakouts may occur after starting your jojoba oil regimen. This happens because the oil draws impurities to the skin's surface. Jojoba oil is not suited for all types of acne so it is best to consult your doctor if you suffer from severe or cystic acne.


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Post 4

I recently, within the last three weeks, switched to using jojoba oil with rose hip oil for my moisturizer and wow! I struggle with hormonal acne, cycstic breakouts that never leave and before one could heal another popped up. Since using this my breakouts are gone and my marks are fading. I did breakout slightly during that time of month but it came and went and healed like nothing. So thankful! It says it takes three months to see full effects and I'm only three weeks in and so thankful for it. I do rarely use tea tree oil when the break out first occurs but be careful cause it can be too strong if not diluted correctly and keep

from healing.

Also, for females, try chaste berry supplements or Vitmex, helps regulate hormones to additionally help with breakouts. Literally just started this so we'll see if it helps even more. And for me, coconut oil did not work at all; it just made my skin feel out of whack. I love coconut oil for other things though

Post 3

@burcinc-- Many people feel that way about putting oil on their skin but pure jojoba oil is really a great natural moisturizer for people with acne. I've been using it for the past five months with great results and I do leave it on my skin as a moisturizer.

I heard that jojoba oil is very similar to the oil our skin naturally produces. So it doesn't trigger skin to produce additional oil which leads to acne.

Plus, you only need a very tiny amount for the whole face (1-2 drops) and skin completely absorbs it. So skin doesn't look oily, it just looks soft and plump. And it really does work for acne, it has for me anyway.

I should mention however that during the first two weeks of use, I broke out more than usual. But then my skin got used to it and everything improved. So it does require some patience.

Post 2

I found a bottle of jojoba oil for hair at home. Can I use this on my blemishes?

Post 1

I could never leave oil on my face as a moisturizer because it's already so oily. I always use an oil-free moisturizer.

But I do use jojoba oil as a facial cleaner once a week. Jojoba oil is great for skin, it has healing properties and keeps skin young. It's also great for removing gunk from pores like the article said.

I don't know how others do it, but I massage jojoba oil into my skin for fifteen to twenty minutes to clean my face. As I massage, the oil becomes warm between my fingers and my face and grabs the dirt and oil in the pores. I also apply a hot towel on my face before I do all this to make sure my pores are open.

When I'm all done, I wash my face and make sure I completely remove all the oil. My skin looks so clean and bright afterward. I love it.

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