How do I Use Homeopathy for Constipation?

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Depending on your needs and level of comfort, the best way to use homeopathy for constipation may be to visit a homeopathic practitioner for evaluation and treatment. There are, however, many remedies you can use to treat constipation without the help of a homeopathic practitioner. To treat yourself at home, for example, you may such remedies as sulfur, sepia, bryonia, or causticum. In most cases, you will need to select a remedy based on the specific constipation symptoms you are experiencing.

One way to use homeopathy for constipation is to take bryonia. This herbal remedy is usually recommended for the treatment of stools that are both hard and dry. When you have this type of constipation, your rectal area may feel dry as well, and you may notice painful pricks or even have the sensation of tearing as you attempt to force hard stools from your body. You may also feel unusually grumpy or irritable with this type of constipation.

Found near volcanoes, sulfur is also recommended in homeopathy for constipation. You may benefit from using this treatment if your stools are both dry and hard and you also have reddening of the anal area. In many cases, this type of constipation is accompanied by foul-smelling flatulence. With constipation of this type, you may notice that your constipation symptoms are sometimes replaced by diarrhea.


Sepia, which is a remedy derived from cuttlefish ink, is also used in homeopathy for constipation. You may use this remedy if you notice that you have a full sort of feeling in your rectum, even after you have finished moving your bowels. In such a case, you may find that your stools are as hard as with other types of constipation, but they may seem small as well. As far as other symptoms are concerned, you may notice that your extremities feel cold and you feel weak. Irritability is also a problem with this type of constipation.

You may use causticum, also called potassium hydrate, as a homeopathic remedy for constipation as well. For example, this remedy may prove helpful if you are spending a good deal of time straining. With this type of constipation, you may have pain as you are straining and exert so much effort that you become red in the face. Once you do have a successful bowel movement, you may note that your stools contain mucus and are thinner than normal.


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