How Do I Use Hair Powder for Volume?

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To increase fullness, powder hair volumizer can be used to enhance the effects of backcombing or teasing. When choosing a hair powder, consumers should select a product designed to add volume to the hair. Once you have chosen a product, section the hair to separate the portions you want to volumize. Next, apply the hair powder and backcomb the hair. To finish, smooth the top layer of hair and mist with hairspray.

Before you can use hair powder for volume, you must choose a product. Hair powders are commonly available in sprays, tubes and jars. While choosing a hair powder, look for a product specifically designed to add volume. Although dry shampoos are similar to volumizing powders, they are usually less concentrated. If you do not have time to purchase a volumizing powder, a very small amount of cornstarch can be used in its place.

After choosing a product, section the hair to separate the layers you want to backcomb. Lift the hair away from the scalp and apply powder to the roots of the hair. If you are using a spray, hold the product a few inches from the hair and lightly mist the roots. To use a loose hair powder for volume, apply a small amount of powder to the roots and massage into the scalp. Avoid using too much hair powder for volume, as this might make the roots appear white or dirty.


Once you have applied the hair powder, gently backcomb the hair. To do this, run a comb from the ends of the hair toward the roots. This will create loose tangles that will make the hair appear fuller. When using hair powder, your hair should hold the tangles better than when teasing without product. Once you have created enough volume, comb the top layer of the hair to reduce flyaways and visible knots.

To finish hair styling, mist the hair with hairspray or finishing spray. Avoid adding too many hair products to the hair after styling. Using an excessive amount of product will weigh the hair down and reduce volume.

If you prefer not to backcomb the hair, you can still use hair powder for volume. Instead of backcombing, apply powder to the scalp and massage it into your hair with your fingers. While the hair will not appear as full, the powder should absorb oil and increase volume at the roots. This can be done to revitalize the hair between washes or freshen your style throughout the day.


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Volume powders are awesome, couldn't agree more. I prefer a color specific powder personally so you don't see it in the hair. I blend with my fingers (like you) following application and keep rubbing until the volume I require is achieved. The product I prefer is Spilt Milk Hair Powder. Which do you use?

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