How Do I Use Green Soap?

A.M. Boyle

Green soap is a glycerine-based liquid made from vegetable oils and other natural ingredients. It is most commonly found in tattoo and piercing establishments but can be used for a number of other purposes. Generally, people can use it like any other soap for general cleaning. Given its natural, antibacterial qualities, it can also serve as a disinfectant and a mild hand or body wash.

Green soap is gentle on the skin and safe to use undiluted as a hand and body wash.
Green soap is gentle on the skin and safe to use undiluted as a hand and body wash.

With more of a yellowish tint than a green hue, the soap most likely got its name from its environmentally friendly nature. Most varieties of green soap are completely organic and biodegradable. Technically, the soap is considered to be a medical compound and therefore is not readily available at most stores and pharmacies. Rather, it can be found at medical supply stores and online specialty sites.

Green soap became popular for use in piercing parlors.
Green soap became popular for use in piercing parlors.

This particular soap became popular primarily for use in tattoo and piercing parlors. Generally, tattoo and piercing experts prepare a solution containing green soap and purified or distilled water, which they then apply before and after the tattoo or piercing to cleanse and disinfect the skin. This solution, sometimes called a tincture because of its medical properties, helps to sterilize the instruments and keep them free from contaminants.

For housecleaning purposes, people mix green soap in a bucket or spray bottle with water, usually at a five to one ratio. People can then use the solution to clean kitchen counters, floors, bathrooms, or any other areas where they would normally utilize other household cleaners. The mixture safely sanitizes most surfaces and generally leaves a clean, fresh scent.

Aside from household purposes, green soap is also good for personal care. It is gentle on the skin and safe to use undiluted as a hand and body wash. In fact, because of its disinfectant qualities and nonirritating nature, doctors sometimes recommend it for treating rashes and other skin conditions. In that instance, the green soap is usually diluted in a spray bottle with sterile water, misted onto the troubling area, then gently blotted dry with a soft cloth. Some individuals even apply the soap as a shampoo, claiming that it not only gets their hair squeaky clean but leaves it feeling soft and shiny.

Although green soap is very versatile in it uses, a small number of people might have a sensitivity to the product. If a person has a negative reaction to any products containing vegetable oils or glycerin, he or she should avoid using green soap. Further, if skin irritation or an allergic reaction should occur, it is important to seek the advice of a health care professional immediately.

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@spotiche5- I have used green soap when my skin has broken out in pimples, and I think it worked very well. Not only did it make my skin feel fresh and clean, but my blemishes healed much faster than they normally had when I hadn't used green soap.

That being said, your niece should probably check with her doctor or dermatologist before she gets her hopes up that green soap will be the answer for her. If her acne is severe or stubborn, her doctor may also suggest that she treat it with various medications in addition to cleansing with green soap.


Based on the information in this article and what I know of green soap, it sounds like it might also be good to treat acne. My niece is prone to breakouts, and she is always looking for natural remedies to treat them. Has anyone ever tried using green soap for this purpose?

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