How Do I Use Gelatin for Skin?

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Gelatin is a clear, odorless, flavorless liquid or solid substance that is manufactured from collagen, which is the substance found inside animals' bones, connective tissue and skin. There are several ways to use gelatin for skin, including ingesting the gelatin in an effort to replace lost collagen back into skin, which helps to prevent wrinkles and increase skin tone. Preparing is a mask to remove dead skin cells and blackheads is another way to use gelatin for skin care.

Collagen is a protein found in abundantly in animals and humans. It can be found in human connective tissue, skin, cartilage, bone, and even blood vessels. Collagen has a tendency to break down as people age, which leads to wrinkling and sagging of the skin.

Wrinkles and skin sagging from collagen loss can be stalled by eating gelatin. Adding gelatin to the diet in small daily amounts has even been credited with reversing the effects of collagen loss by adding collagen back into the skin. By using gelatin for skin repair, a person can improve the texture and smoothness of her skin, perhaps taking a few years off her appearance. Gelatin comes in packages of various flavors, which can be mixed with water and consumed as a drink or mixed with hot water and left in the refrigerator to turn into a solid form, which is then eaten. Gelatin can also be found in a tasteless, colorless form, which can be added to food during preparation without altering the finished product.

By preparing a mask of milk and gelatin, a person who wants to clean out pores can use gelatin for skin care. Gelatin is mixed into a small amount of milk and heated in the microwave or on the stove until a thick consistency is formed that will stay on the skin without dripping. It is then left until it is dry, after which it is peeled off. Dry skin and blackheads will peel off with the gelatin mask.

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Post 4

Good article. I first learned about this from the book, "Sip Away Your Wrinkles." I'm a man in my 60s, and I think it has made a definite difference in appearance. I get comments from people who are surprised when they learn my age.

Post 3

I use gelatin to remove blackheads. Not only does it work well but it's also much more affordable than blackhead removing strips. A single packet of lasts me a long time.

But flavored gelatin should not be used, I buy the plain one from the grocery store. I heat up a little bit with water in the microwave as the article said and apply it on my nose, chin and forehead. It takes a while to dry so a little bit of patience is needed. But when I peel it off, I can see that it has removed all of the blackheads.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I'm not sure. Collagen supplements and products are a bit controversial but I do think that consuming gelatin is beneficial and supports the collagen in skin.

I eat jello on a regular basis. I started eating it because of a knee problem. My doctor recommended gelatin. But I have noticed that since eating gelatin regularly, my skin is looking better too. So it's definitely worth a try.

Post 1

As far as I know, there are different types of collagen in the body, found in different tissues. For example, the collagen found in cartilage is not the same as the collagen found in skin. So will eating collagen really help replace collagen found in skin?

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