How Do I Use Evening Primrose Oil for Skin?

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If you’re suffering from eczema, acne, psoriasis, or rosacea, evening primrose oil for skin may be the ideal treatment for you. The oil is extracted from evening primrose seeds and is reportedly very gentle. The fatty acids in the oil are extremely moisturizing, helping to keep dry areas hydrated. It also reportedly improves blood circulation wherever it is applied, making it a natural way to treat tired skin and eyes. When using evening primrose oil on the skin, you should apply it about twice a day with a cotton ball or a cotton swab.

Not only does evening primrose oil hydrate the skin and increase circulation, it also helps reduce inflammation and keeps pores clear. Even those who don’t have serious skin conditions may want to use this oil to as a daily facial treatment. If you choose to use evening primrose oil this way, apply it just once a day. You may want to apply it just before bed, right after you’ve washed your face with a mild cleanser. It should help your face from looking bleary and tired in the morning, perking up your eyes and keeping skin toned and bright.

When evening primrose oil for skin stimulates circulation, it is helping the cells in that area become healthy and nourished. The healthier the cells, the faster dead ones slough away to be replaced by fresh skin. This is how the oil repairs most skin conditions, the skin is nourished and turns over, or renews, quickly. The new cells have been infused with plenty of oxygen and nutrients, so they don’t have the damage that the old cells contained.

Those using evening primrose oil for skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis may want to apply it several times a day. The oil may be applied with a makeup sponge or cotton ball, then covered with gauze, if possible. If you’re using the oil for rosacea on your face, you can simply apply it about 10 minutes before you put on your makeup, if you wear any. The same goes for using this oil to treat acne. Reapplication is best done in the middle of the day and again right before you go to bed.

You may also want to look for ointments and salves containing evening primrose oil for skin. When looking at the labels, the oil should be one of the first three ingredients because this usually means there is a lot of evening primrose in the product. Homemade ointments may be made simply by mixing some evening primrose oil into melted shea or cocoa butter. When the butter hardens, you can apply it to your skin as you would any moisturizer.

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Post 3

Evening primrose oil is fantastic. I use it for rosacea and my skin has improved a lot. I have less redness and my skin is softer and more hydrated.

I only use all natural evening primrose oil. I take just a few drops and apply it all over my face in place of my moisturizer before I go to bed. My friend uses this oil as well but she doesn't like to leave it in. So she uses the oil to cleanse her face (massages it in for five to ten minutes) and then washes it off. She likes it too.

Post 2

@ysmina-- Yes, evening primrose oil has benefits for skin and hair when taken orally because it has essential fatty acids. It can make your skin healthy from the inside. But if you want to moisturize your skin and reduce skin problems, it's better to apply the oil topically in my opinion.

If you want, you can probably take oral supplements and use the oil on your face at the same time. But make sure to check with your doctor and never take more than the recommended dose.

Some people can have an adverse reaction to natural oils. For example, my sister is allergic to many natural oils. So it's a good idea to test it on your arm first before applying evening primrose oil to your face.

Post 1

Would taking evening primrose oil orally benefit skin?

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