How Do I Use Evening Primrose Oil for Hair Loss?

There are two main ways you can use evening primrose oil for hair loss, since it is sold in both oral and topical versions. It has been shown in many cases that using a combination of both options may elicit better results. The oil is also more effective for restoring hair growth in those with certain conditions than in others. For instance, hair loss related to thyroid disorder is often treated with evening primrose oil capsules as well as topical oil that is rubbed directly onto the scalp.

Before using evening primrose oil, you should have yourself checked by your healthcare provider to discover the root cause of your problem. Male pattern baldness is a relatively common disorder that inflicts men, and it is hereditary. Women may suffer from a similar affliction. There are certain health conditions, such as hypothyroidism and certain hormonal imbalances, that can also lead to hair loss. These conditions need to be confirmed or ruled out before treatment can begin, since it is important the your underlying condition also be taken care of to prevent additional health problems.


The first method for using evening primrose oil for hair loss is to take it orally by mouth once or twice per day. You can do this by following all manufacturer's instructions listed on the back of the bottle. If you do have an underlying thyroid or hormonal condition, you may get better results if you take the oil in combination with your prescription, if any. The amount you take per day will depend on the type of pill you purchase and your doctor or pharmacist's instructions.

In combination with using oral evening primrose oil, you may also choose to use the actual oil to massage gently into the scalp. It contains natural and healthy fatty acids, which are highly beneficial for the hair and skin, whether used internally or externally. It can also be used in other areas to moisturize the skin and to help with a wide range of skin conditions.

There are also tinctures made from evening primrose oil. These are taken in much the same way as pills. No matter what type you decide on, start with the lowest dose and work your way up. As with any drug or dietary supplement, consult a medical professional before using it as a hair loss treatment.


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Post 3

@simrin-- The way I do it is I throw my head down and massage the oil into my scalp in circular motions. Keeping the head down while doing this sends blood to the head and improves circulation.

Massaging the scalp with the oil on the tips of the fingers allows better absorption. I usually massage my scalp this way for fifteen minutes. Finally, I apply the oil the ends of my hair, let it sit for at least half an hour and then shower. Generally, the longer you keep the oil on your scalp, the more effective it will be.

Post 2

I have started losing a lot of hair lately because of my hypothyroidism. Everything was fine and then within a couple of days, I started noticing more and more hairloss in the shower. Even when I touch my hair, several strands end up in my hand.

I just found out about evening primrose oil supplements and I've bought the capsules for it. I couldn't find the liquid oil though. Will I get results if I only take the capsules?

Has anyone used primrose oil for hair loss due to hypothyroidism? Did it work?

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What does massaging the hair into the scalp mean?

Is there a specific technique for doing this?

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