How Do I Use Castor Oil for Warts?

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Castor oil is a home remedy for warts rather than a treatment a doctor might recommend. Usually, people apply castor oil to a wart a couple of times a day as treatment. Some people, however, find it more effective when combined with another wart removal method. Many people assert that castor oil can help get rid of a wart in just a few weeks, but this information often comes from anecdotal reports rather than scientific proof.

You can use castor oil for warts by rubbing the oil into the wart or by using a medicine dropper to apply the oil to the affected area. Some people then cover the area with a bandage, which may keep the castor oil concentrated on the area and increase its effectiveness. There are, however, some anecdotal accounts of using castor oil for warts without a bandage. You may try it either way and switch methods if you don’t see any improvement after a couple of weeks.

It is unclear exactly how castor oil works for a wart. Many alternative and home remedy websites assert that it helps soften the wart and encourage it to shrink. If the softening or shrinkage seems to happen too slowly when you use castor oil for warts, you might try combining the oil with another treatment method.


One home remedy involves keeping the wart covered with duct tape for the majority of the time. Periodically, however, you may take the duct tape off, soak the skin in warm water, and gently file the hardened skin a bit. In an attempt to speed healing, you may also choose to add a drop of castor oil to the wart before you wrap it in duct tape.

Another common home remedy using castor oil for warts involves a combination of castor oil and garlic. You can try it by rubbing the wart with castor oil or applying a drop or two of the oil and then covering the wart with a small slice of fresh garlic. Then, you can wrap this concoction with a bandage and wear it for several hours or while you sleep.

You may do well to seek a doctor's advice before using castor oil for warts. Though castor oil is generally considered safe for topical application, your doctor's input can help you decide whether it is right for you. Additionally, a doctor may have suggestions for you concerning additional treatments or ways to hasten your healing.


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Post 5

Castor oil really really works (it has worked for me really well). I would encourage everybody to try it at least once. Soak a cotton ball in castor oil and place it on the wart. Tape it (say, with a band aid) and repeat it for at least one to two weeks. You will most likely see results.

Post 4

Castor oil really really works (it has worked for me really well) - I would encourage everybody to try it at least once. Soak a cotton piece into castor oil and place it on the wart, tape it (say a bad aid) and repeat it for at least 1- 2 weeks, you will most likely see the results

Post 3

@fBoyle-- Next time, mix castor oil with a drop or two of tea tree oil. Both of these have anti-viral properties and work even better together.

Post 2

@fify-- I tried the castor oil remedy for almost a month and it did nothing. I finally went to the doctor and she removed the warts on my hand with liquid nitrogen.

If castor oil works for some people, I don't know why it didn't work for me. If anyone out there is keen on using castor oil, then give it a try for a week or so. But if you're not seeing any change, go to the doctor because waiting makes warts more difficult to treat.

Post 1

My dad got rid of his plantar wart on his foot with castor oil. He applied castor oil on the wart and put on a bandage on it. He renewed the bandage with fresh castor oil every night. It took several weeks, but the wart is completely gone. I think that's miraculous because plantar warts are known for being stubborn.

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